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Elevated Dog Feeders

Dog Feeders and Elevated Dog Feeders:
Healthy Benefits for Your Dog

Dog feeders, especially elevated dog feeders are highly recommended for feeding dogs. The benefits of such dog feeders – particularly elevated dog feeders – include the following, which are extremely important, and highly acknowledged by veterinarians and other dog experts.

  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Comfort – especially in the case of dogs with back or neck problems
  • Ease of swallowing – especially for dogs with mega-esophagus or other conditions that make swallowing a challenge.

Feeding areas are consistently kept cleaner when proper dog feeders are used. Elevated dishes also help to keep the food and water within the bowl, instead of on the floor. This is because dogs tend to life their heads after taking food in their mouths, or drinking water, in order to facilitate swallowing. As the dog raises his or her head, the water that doesn’t get swallowed in the first shot will commonly spill onto the floor. This is extremely messy and unsanitary. As this continues over time, it can also be very hard on your flooring.

Furthermore, any moisture that gets in underneath the dish creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold growth. Conversely, with an elevated dog feeder, your dog won’t need to lift his or her had quite as far as if the dish was placed on the floor. Therefore, the water or dog food will usually simply drip back into the proper dish.

Veterinarians are also now discovering that proper dog feeders can help to reduce intestinal gas within your dog. If your dog is eating in a bent over position, it means that s/he is gulping the food or water. As this is done, more air is naturally swallowed. This air inevitably develops into malodorous gas after a bit of time has passed.

However, with elevated dog feeders, less gulping occurs. This is also important in preventing some serious conditions, as gulping can – in rare instances – result in bloat (also known as gastric dilation and volvulus, GDV). This is most common in deep-chested, large dog breeds, and is a life threatening condition. Therefore, many veterinarians recommend elevated feeders to help lower the risk in dogs that are susceptible to bloat.

Dogs suffering from a condition called mega-esophagus also appreciate the advantages of elevated dog feeders, as it helps them with swallowing – which is challenging with this condition. A dog with mega-esophagus has an esophagus (the tube that runs from the mouth to the stomach) which is exceptionally enlarged and flaccid. Thus, the large, weak esophagus dilates during eating, allowing food to accumulate within the tube, instead of descending the food to the stomach through a serious of muscular contractions. This commonly leads ot regurgitation and vomiting. However, with an elevated dog feeder, the dog’s head is more raised as s/he eats, and therefore can depend more on the force of gravity to draw the food down into his or her stomach.

Elevated dog feeders are also much more comfortable and pleasant for dogs who are older, with arthritis, have bad backs, or joint or muscular pain. For a dog with stiff or sore muscles or joints, bending down to eat can be uncomfortable or painful. This may cause them to eat less, decreasing the amount of nutrition they are taking in. By raising the food and water to the appropriate level with elevated dog feeders, eating and drinking is more successfully encouraged.

Finally, there is a bonus advantage to dog feeders´┐Żas the owner, you won’t need to bend down to pick up empty or put down full food dishes. If bending causes you discomfort, you’ll certainly see as many advantages to elevated dog feeders as your dog!

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