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Benefits of Automatic pet feeders

Automatic Dog Feeder benefits

Reasons why you might want to consider an automatic feeder and/or waterer for your dog include:

– Convenience. It’s there when you can’t be. Automatic dog feeders are ideal for people with busy schedules and/or several dogs, who just can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of time filling dishes. In addition, an automatic dog feeder is great if you must be away from your dog at feeding time. And while it’s not recommended you leave your dog alone for extended periods of time, an automatic feeder can be a big help if you do need to leave for a day or even a few days. Even if you have someone looking in on your dog, this type of feeder can help to ease your mind that no one is forgetting to feed him.

– Health. Many automatic feeders allow you to control both portion size and frequency of feeding, helping your dog to maintain a regular schedule, to keep him from overeating, thus helping him stay fit and trim, and ensuring the freshness of his food. Raised or elevated automatic dog feeders can be useful for a number of breed-specific or health issues. In addition, many waterers allow you to either assure your dog of a continuous supply of fresh water, or else provide filters and even aeration to keep the water fresh.

One other point to consider is that if your dog is taking medication that needs to be given at a particular time of day, you can wrap it in some tasty food, and let the automatic feeder dispense it at the proper time!

– Hygiene and Cleanliness. The portion control type of automatic dog feeders especially can help in keeping the feeding area neat and clean by restricting the amount of food to only that amount your dog will eat at one time, thus preventing messy overflow, insect infestations, or access by other pets or children.

Once you’ve made the decision to get an automatic dog feeder for your dog, you’ll need to learn about the various types of feeders in order to select the one that will serve your and his needs best. Automatic dog feeders tend to fall into two main categories. The word “automatic” usually refers to a gravity type of system, while “electronic” is used to mean the type of feeder that offers portion and frequency control.

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