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Great Ways to Bond With Your Dog

Great Ways to Bond With Your Dog

If you’re like the majority of people these days, you spend long hours away from your home, and wish to spend some great quality time with your pooch while you are at home with him or her. However, sitting in front of the television, or on the front porch can only do so much for the bonding experience, not to mention the prevention of boredom. Instead, there are lots of things that you can do to get closer with your dog. As you can see, they needn’t be difficult, expensive, or even tiring. They’re just about enjoying each other!

  • Have a Companion’s Night In – rent a movie where the main actors are dogs, pop some popcorn, grab some dog bones, and chill out for the evening with your canine companion. Many dogs actually enjoy seeing other dogs on television, and even if they’re oblivious to the moving screen, the dog bones and your company are just enough bonding and relaxation for a quality evening. If you want to add some spice to your evening, make it a Companion’s Night Out, and catch a dog flick at the local drive-in movie theatre that is dog friendly. Then you can experience the big screen together too!
  • Get a Frisbee´┐Żand throw it – Tossing a Frisbee is not only fun for you and your dog, but it allows your dog to get some much needed exercise to stay in shape, and avoid getting fat. And hey, you never know, but a year from now, you and your pooch may be competing at the next Frisbee championships! If your dog likes fetch, then Frisbee will be a fast favorite.
  • Walk, Silly! – walk for at least a half hour around your neighborhood to let your dog see the sights and smell the smells. It may be the same houses to you, but the smells are always changing, making every day a new adventure for your dog. If you want to throw in some extra fun for your dog, take a different route every day. Even if there is only one route available to you, alternate the direction in which you make the circuit. Weather permitting, you can also go for a hike, provided you can apply some insect repellant on yourself, and some flea and tick repellant on your dog.
  • Have a picnic – head out to the nearest dog-friendly park – no matter how big or small – and pack a picnic lunch. Take a leisure stroll out there and around the park, and then enjoy your lunches together in the great outdoors.
  • Learn something new – your dog is always willing to learn and to please you. So why not teach him or her a new trick? Even if you spend only ten minutes on the trick every day, it’ll be a great way for you to enjoy each other’s company, and work together towards a common goal. Make sure to keep it fun, and stop each session before either of you is tired or frustrated.
  • Have a ball – or any other kind of toy for that matter. Take your dog to the local pet store – as long as the pet store allows dogs into the store – and let your dog pick out his or her next toy. This way, you’ll know that your dog likes the toy even before you buy it!

As you can see, it’s really quite easy and fun to share time with your dog, and get some real bonding in. It’s no mystery why they say that dogs are man’s best friend!


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