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Crate dog Mats and Pads

Crate dog Mats and Pads:
A Bed for the Bedroom

Your dog’s crate is his or her sanctuary. When a dog has been crate trained, the crate becomes his or her well protected home. It’s a comfy place for your dog because it gives him or her a sort of den similar to the type that the dog’s wild ancestors would have sought as a home. However, this doesn’t mean that your dog’s secure haven needs to be uncomfortable when s/he goes in there to escape the confusing and frightening outside world.

Enter the crate dog mat and pad. These two items should be considered as necessary as a water dish for your dog. Crate dog mats and pads are inexpensive and make your dog’s crate a much homier place. It’s like adding a bed to his or her bedroom, instead of making him or her sleep on the floor.

Crate dog mats don’t typically have much cushioning to them, with their primary task being to insulate your pooch from cold or warm flooring. It’s also there to give your dog a spot of his or her own when you’re traveling. Crate dog mats become a portable version of your dog’s crate. It’s a spot that your dog can recognize as his or her own, and that smells like him or her, so it will be more calming in a strange environment. Moreover, it is much easier to roll up and transport than a full dog bed, or dog crate, which are awkward and heavy.

Crate dog pads, on the other hand, are meant for padding and comfort in your dog’s bedroom. They not only protect your dog against the cold or warm flooring, but they also provide support for his or her hips, elbows, and back. These are an ideal choice for crate trained dogs who are:

  • Arthritic
  • Ailing
  • Aging
  • Puppies
  • Large dogs
  • Thin haired
  • Partial to a soft comfy place to sleep

When sizing crate dog mats and pads, you should try to make them as close to the exact size of the interior of the crate itself. Your dog should be able to sprawl out without having any part of him or her hang off the crate dog mat or pad, and onto the floor of the crate.

Make sure that the crate dog mat or pad you purchase is easy to clean. This means that its cover should come off and be machine washable and dryable. This will make your life much easier, and will mean that your house will smell much more pleasant in the area of your dog’s crate.

One more pleasant benefit that comes from both crate dog mats and pads is the fact that they come in a huge assortment of colors, patterns, and fabrics. This means that you can actually make your dog’s crate work with the d�cor of the room in which it is housed.

No matter if you chose crate dog mats or pads, they are certain to make your dog’s special spot a much happier place to relax.

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