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Designer dog beds and specialty beds

Designer dog beds and specialty beds

Designer dog beds, and specialty beds are fantastic inventions for those of us who make it our mission to spoil our dogs absolutely rotten. The word “designer” or “specialty” isn’t exactly a specific term when it comes to dog beds, but they do have a certain kind of reference that appeals to many pet owners. These terms mean that the bed will be designed for:

  • Superior comfort for the dog to sleep upon
  • Themes in the form of something such as a chaise lounge or a heart with very high quality
  • The lounging experience of a hammock
  • Having a name brand from the “people” world that is recognized for its superior quality´┐Żand higher price.

In general, designer dog beds and specialty beds are handcrafted to ensure the utmost quality, comfort and appearance.

Not every pet supply store will carry designer dog beds and specialty dog beds, but certain companies – with a specialization in dog pampering – make a point of ensuring they’re available to you and your beloved pooch.

When it comes to this type of dog bed, only your imagination can limit the styles, shapes, and types that are available. The fabrics and fillers are only the beginning when it comes to designer dog beds and specialty beds.

Sure, some people may argue that these beds aren’t exactly the most practical dog bed, since they do have a notably larger price tag than your standard dog bed, but when you truly enjoy pampering your dog, then you know very well that price simply isn’t a factor! When someone asks why, you simply reply with “why not! I love my dog!”

Remember, though, to look at designer dog beds and specialty beds in the same eye that you’d choose a standard dog bed. While you do want it to be beautiful, it must still be a comfortable place for your dog to sleep; especially if s/he is getting older. Consider the following factors when selecting the bed:

  • Comfort
  • Ease of getting on and off the bed
  • Joint/bone support, especially in the elbows, back and hips
  • Size – your dog must have enough room, or it will be uncomfortable, and potentially harmful to his or her health.

While it is important to be extra careful when buying for your aging dog, you should also remember that a designer dog bed or a specialty dog bed may not be the best idea for a puppy. Though many of these beds will cater to an elderly dog’s needs, no designer dog bed or specialty dog bed will be able to withstand the incessant chewing, digging, clawing and scratching of a rambunctious puppy. It’s best to wait until your puppy has grown up a bit before allowing him or her to sleep in style. Until then, a chew-proof standard dog bed will have to do the trick.

These luxurious designer dog beds and specialty beds are the ultimate addition to your pampered dog’s collection. They’re the must-have for any properly spoiled dog.

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