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Dog Bath Tubs

Dog bath tubs: The Good and The Bad

Looking for a better way to give your dog a bath than inside your bathtub or outside with the hose? Here’s why you’ll want to start thinking about dog bath tubs. Lets face it, there’s not much attractive about scratching the bathtub with anxious claws, making it filthy with fur, dander, and whatever dirt was embedded in your dog’s coat, and filling the drain with what seems like endless wads of fur. And the hose is only practical on very warm days�except that the dog is already outside and getting dirty the very moment that you’re done bathing him or her. Plus, even when your dog is on a leash, there’s nothing fun about having to chase him or her through the back yard.

This is exactly what makes dog bath tubs such a practical dog grooming tool. Dog bath tubs limit stooping and bending, keep things clean, and make certain that your dog is safe, secure, and comfortable in the process.

To make certain that your dog grooming tub is practical for use, you’ll want to ensure that it has:

  • A collar system that will safely keep your dog in place (without choking him or her in case of any slipping)
  • A non slip surface which is preferably slightly padded
  • A good sized drain of ideally 1 inch in diameter. Your dog will shed during the bath, no matter how many preparations you make in advance. With a nice large drain, you’ll be free of clogs, with all of the hair heading down the drain and out the hose.
  • A discharge line which is ideally 1 inch in diameter, and about 6 feet in length. The diameter is important, because it avoids clogging.
  • A nozzle with an on/off dial that will allow you to control or halt the flow of water. It should also allow you to make the water extremely gentle around the face and eyes, and then have a more brisk spray for the rest of the dog’s body.
  • A wipe-able surface that allows for easy clean up.

Many of the newer dog bath tubs now come with an attachment that can hook up to washing machine valves or to your garden hose. This way, it’s not a struggle at all to use the proper hosing and nozzle attachments for the dog grooming tub. This also means that you can wash your dog either inside or outside, depending on your preference. It keeps your dog securely contained, and gives you a no-mess drainage alternative.

Things to watch for when buying your dog grooming tub include:

  • It is strong, durable, and stable to ensure safety and a long life.
  • Ability to hold the weight of the dog and the water (for a large dog, you’ll want it to hold about 350 lbs), while being lightweight for easy storage and transportation.
  • Caddies to hold shampoo, conditioner, brushes, and anything else that will be handy to have conveniently placed on the outer sides of the tub. This reduces spilling, bending, and injury.
  • Easy connection and release of the clasp that attaches to your dog’s collar.
  • Approval by top breeders and/or veterinarians

Bathing your dog is about to get much easier when you use a quality dog grooming tub.

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