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Camping With Your Dog

Camping With Your Dog

It is natural to want to bring your dog to the great outdoors with you, to experience nature together. It is not natural, however, to simply treat a camping excursion as a walk in the park. You need to take special care of your dog in these circumstances; you must be prepared.

If your dog has never been introduced to nature (if he is a city dog who only has a daily walk or a suburban dog who has never left his backyard), then you must take the time to make the introductions. Before a camping trip, take your dog to State or County parks. There, he can familiarize himself with the outdoors and adjust to the different sights and smells. Take him on nature trails or hikes to give him a complete experience. This way, your dog will not be overwhelmed on your actual trip.

Also be aware of using tents on first-time trips; most dogs are not accustomed to sleeping in tents and may have some difficulty with them. Just as it is important to introduce them to nature, it is important to introduce them to sleeping quarters. Before the trip, spend time with them inside your tent. Praise them when they enter it and climb in afterwards to add extra assurance. This will save you a great deal of time when you get to your campsite–you won’t have to spend half the night wrestling with your dog’s fear of enclosed spaces.

If you plan to bring your dog on a camping trip, you must be certain that your destination allows it. If you are staying at a campground or similar facility, then you must check to see what their rules are about dogs. Do they even allow them? If so, what are the conditions? This will give you a good idea of what to expect when you arrive.

You must take certain precautions when bringing at pet along; these will not only keep your dog safe but, also, give you peace of mind:

1. Make sure that his immunizations are up-to-date
2. Always bring a First Aid Kit
3. His tags must be current and it is recommended that you even add where you are staying in the campground

Along with the necessary precautions, there is also a list of necessary equipment you must bring with your dog:

1. Bring a Pet Travel Bag to store all of your dog’s food, water dish, favorite toy and anything else he will need. When packing, be sure to bring your own water supply. Water from streams can sometimes sicken a dog.
2. Bring a leash; whether you are at a campground or not, it is wise to keep your dog on a leash (especially if this is his first camping trip).
3. Keep tons of bags ready for waste retrieval. A campground will require that you clean up after your dog.
4. Give your a flea collar. It will make the camping experience more enjoyable for both of you if he is not constantly scratching.

With these tips, camping can be a fun and exciting time for both you and your dog; you can enjoy the great outdoors and create lasting memories.

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