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First Aid : Dog Automobile injury

1. Automobile injury:

Make sure your dog has a clear airway, but do not put your hand in its mouth if your dog is conscious. Cover wounds with the cleanest material available.

Handle your dog with care, supporting its body as much as possible. Carry it in a basket, box, or cage to the veterinary hospital. It’s difficult to assess your dog’s injuries after a road accident because he may appear normal but might have internal bleeding. Anything from a vital organ being injured to broken ribs broken could cause him to bleed internally.

Bleeding (hemorrhage) – If bleeding doesn’t stop within five minutes, try to stop the flow with a clean cloth or even your hand, and apply direct pressure to the wound.

If blood seeps through, apply more bandages or a cotton wool pad on top of the first bandage but don’t try to remove the old bandage. If this pressure doesn’t stop the bleeding, find the nearest pressure point and compress the artery against its underlying bone. Use the flat part of your fingers, not your thumb or finger tips and apply firm, continuous pressure directly over the bleeding area until clotting occurs.

As a last resort you can try a tourniquet, although be careful to not stop the circulation to and cause gangrene. Use it only to save life when nothing else is working and release intermittently every 3-5 minutes.

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