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Dog Car Seats

Car Seats and Beds
In addition to the mere practicalities of restraining your dog in your vehicle, there are a number of products available that can help accomplish this while at the same time increasing your dog’s comfort and enjoyment of the experience of riding with you.

These products include:

Dog Car Seats
For smaller dogs, there are several designs of car booster seats that will provide a higher platform, allowing the dog to be restrained, while being able to look out the window, something all dogs enjoy! There is a type of car seat that fits over the console next to the driver, suitable for a small dog that needs to be kept close by and yet still be restrained. For larger dogs, there is a thick pad that fits across the back bench seat of a car, allowing the dog to see out the window even while fully reclined. There is even one model of dog car seat that will accommodate two small dogs, so if you have more than one pet, they can be seated together while riding with you.

Dog Car Beds
Simpler than the car seats, a dog car bed is often just a thick pad for the dog to lie on, either on the car seat, or in the back of the van or SUV, fitting either the whole space, or sized for a crate. Some of these are fold-up types that you can easily remove and store. Others are shaped beds with sides, similar to what you might use at home, that will help your dog feel more secure. However, unlike your dog’s bed at home, dog car beds often have openings to accommodate seat belts for securing your dog.

There is another type of dog car bed that is essentially a hammock, which hangs from the top back of the front seat(s) of the vehicle, passes over and above the floor area behind, and is then fastened to the top of the back seat, creating a cozy and comfortable place for your dog to lay or stand. There are openings through which seat belts can pass, so that your dog can be restrained while using the hammock.

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