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How to stop destructive dog chewing

Dog chewing – what you need to know..

By nature, animal babies are explorers. Chewing is a natural and good for the teething proces in puppies so you shouldn’t try to keep your dog from chewing.

Chewing becomes a problem when your dog doesn’t know what he is allowed to chew on and what he is not allowed to chew on. Dogs don’t take such factors as ownership or value into consideration when they are looking for something to chew.

Your dog should learn what is appropriate for chewing and what is not. Don’t let old shoes and socks replace real dog toys! He will only get confused, and more importantly he will not learn that chewing up your new manolo blahniks or your furniture is a no-no..

If you catch your dog in the act you should interrupt him immediately and replace the item with a real dog toy. Also see our tips and advice on dog toys.

On the other hand, if you come home and discover that your dog has chewed up something valuable to you, punishing or disciplining him will only serve to vent your anger and frustration. It will teach your dog absolutely nothing! A dog doesn’t “connect the dots” in the same way humans do so to speak. If you think that you dog has a “guilty look” when you discipline him for something he did hours ago you’re wrong. Although he may look guilty, all he can tell is the fact that you’re mad and he responds with instinctive canine submission which is easily confused with guilt.

Variety is key. Much like humans, dogs like to have options – so provide your dog with several types of toys. Rotate them to maintain his interest. This is often a very effective way to stop unwanted dog chewing!

  • Get plenty of toys for your dog.
  • Don’t leave things on the floor that you don’t want to get chewed up!
  • Spray objects such as shoes and furniture with aversives

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