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Odor : Deodorizers and Colognes

Odor : Deodorizers and Colognes

For many dog owners, and for most people who show their dogs, the grooming process really isn’t complete until s/he has been freshened up with deodorizers and/or colognes. Odor is a major part of cleaning your dog. Deodorizers and colognes meant to control doggie odor are that luxurious finishing touch that makes the efforts of your grooming really worthwhile.

Colognes and deodorizers are also good ways to control the odor of your pet’s coat in between baths. Since it is not wise to bathe your pet too frequently, as you risk drying out his or her skin, and making your dog extremely itchy and uncomfortable – to say the least.

Many companies that make dog shampoo and conditioner also make colognes and deodorizers to control pet odor. This is very pleasant as it means that the fragrance will match and create a very pleasant result.

There are three primary types of dog deodorizers and colognes that can keep your dog smelling fresh. These are:

  • Sprays
  • Powders
  • Wipes

Sprays are among the easiest, and least messy. All sprays are about is a simple spritz, and your dog is then suddenly smelling fragrant and fresh. If you invest in one of the more "premium" types of dog deodorizer or colognes, you can also get features such as conditioning agents, or aloe vera, so that you’ll be helping beautify your dog’s coat and skin while you improve his or her odor. Make sure you look into the ingredients, and try to avoid deodorizers and colognes that contain alcohol, as this will only dry out your pooch’s skin.

Powders are a type of deodorizer and cologne that can keep your dog odor and dander free. It eliminates odor on contact, and is simple to use. However, it can be a bit on the messy side, depending on how stationary your dog remains throughout the process, and how good your aim is. Deodorizing and cologne powders are applied by lightly shaking over your dog’s back, and then brushing in, to make sure it’s evenly distributed. It is an extremely effective method of odor control, but it’s recommended that you use an old sheet or some newspaper over your floor until you know how good you are at it.

Wipes are extremely simple, and travel very well without the risk of leaking or spilling that sprays and powder have. These cloths mean that you can quickly wipe-down your dog as a way of deodorizing. This is extremely easy between baths, and are ideal when you’re on the go. No matter if you’re flying across the world on vacation, or simply taking a run through the park, you’ll be able to gently cleanse your pooch while you apply a great scent to make him or her more pleasant to be around. The better brands will also help you to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy as it stays smelling pretty.

Whatever product you use, make sure that it is made especially for dogs, as you don’t want to risk a skin irritation.

You should also remember that though deodorizers and colognes are good for eliminating regular pet odors, if your dog is really stinky, it could be a sign of some sort of health issue, and you should consult your veterinarian to be sure.

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