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First Aid : Dog Convulsions, Fits and Seizures

2. Convulsions, Fits and Seizures:

Prevent your dog from injuring itself. Do not put your hand in its mouth. Keep your dog as quiet as possible and prevent it from falling. Move him away from any sharp pointed objects such as tables by pulling very gently on one leg.

Try to get him onto a soft rug, or try to put a blanket under his head.

A dog in a seizure can easily hurt himself, so be sure that there is nothing in the way when he is thrashing around.

Don’t attempt to handle your dog in any other way during a seizure because it could be dangerous to you. Generally the episode will last only 2-3 minutes even though to you it might seem to last a very long time.

Keep him quiet and in the dark after seizure as it will allow him to recover as smoothly as possible. He’ll be dazed and confused; therefore he needs you to comfort him. Spend some time sitting and holding him, while speaking softly and soothing him.

Some dogs experience blindness, deafness, loss of balance, uncoordination, loss of bladder and bowel control (if they haven’t yet), confusion, and fright.

If your dog’s seizure lasts for longer than five minutes, seek immediate emergency veterinary care!

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