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Dog crate accessories

Accessories for Dog Crates
There are many add-ons and accessories for dog crates, which can not only help you with cleaning and maintenance, but aid in creating a homey, comfortable “den” for your dog.

Pans. These are bottoms, or liners for the bottom of a crate, usually made of metal or molded plastic or fiberglass, sized to fit either inside or outside the bottom of the crate. Most are entirely removable, so that if the pan should become damaged or rusty, there is no need to get a whole new crate, but merely replace the pan.

Mats, which line the bottom and sometimes bottom sides of the crate to provide a softer surface for your dog to lie on. Choices of mats range from basic to luxurious, and include:
– “Cow Mats,” can be purchased at a hardware store or feed supply. They’re thick rubber mats made from car tires, and are used in barns for the cows to lie on. They come in approximately a 4′ by 6′ size, but can be cut to fit the inside of a dog crate. Their advantage is easy cleanability and comfort for your dog.
– Orthopedic crate mats are made of convoluted foam and offer added support and extra comfort for dogs with hip and joint problems.
– Lambskin or faux lambskin are extra-thick crate cushions that offer comfort and durability. The faux style has the added convenience of being machine washable.
– Bumper-style are comfy dog crate pads that have a bumper along the sides so your dog won’t have to lay against the wire of his crate.
– Crate couches are similar to the bumper-style, and are often made of luxurious fabrics such as soft leather, velvet, or faux fur.
– Crate cushions can be added to a flat padded surface to provide extra comfort for your dog.

Covers or drapes can be placed over the top and sides of your dog crate to both provide extra privacy and increase your dog’s feeling of security, to signal that it’s time for rest, to shield your dog from sun or wind, to decorate your dog’s crate, or all the above. It’s been shown that using a cover on a wire dog crate can reduce stress and barking. Some covers attach with snaps, straps and ties, while others have the ease and security of Velcro attachments.

Some covers are permanent, while others either fold or roll up out of the way when not in use. They come in a wide variety of styles, types and colors, including
– Canvas, either cotton or polyester or a blend, very practical and durable, and available in a range of colors.
– Denim covers give a casual, jaunty appearance and the fabric is also sturdy and long-wearing.
– Brocade, antiqued silk, or other decorator fabrics can be made to match your own home decor as well as giving your dog’s home an elegant flair.
– Animal print fabrics, such as leopard or zebra are a fun and popular choice for covers. You can get cushions and bumpers to match.
– Vinyl covers come in plain styles, prints or even simulated leather.
– Reflective covers are reversible, with a reflective surface on one side and a waterproof lining on the other. These will help to keep your dog’s crate cooler in summer as well as when reversed, warmer in winter as they reflect either the sun’s rays or your dog’s body heat.
– Nylon mesh covers will allow your dog to see out, while still affording him protection from the sun, and making his crate feel cozier and more secure.
– Sets combine matching covers, mattress (or bed) and bumpers in one convenient package. Get several, and you can enjoy periodically redecorating your dog’s home!

Transport Accessories

Crate dollies are available, either tubular or platform style, on which you can place your dog’s crate for easy movement. Some of these have brakes for the wheels and/or handles or a rope to move them with. You can also get removable wheels for other styles of crates that snap on and off, with also a removable handle or rope to use when moving from place to place.


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