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Dog dental care

The Bottom Line:

Call your vet if your dog has any of these problems –

  • Broken teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Inflamed, red, swollen or bleeding gums
  • Pawing at mouth or face
  • Bad breath all of the time
  • Change in eating habits or chewing
  • Yellow or brown tartar buildup on teeth or gum line
  • Loss of appetite or weight
  • Drooling
  • Blood in the saliva

Daily dental care will not only strengthen the bond you have with your dog but you will soon learn to detect signs of unhealthy gums which could be an indication of other and more serious impending health problems. It is also very likely that your dog may never need a vet dental if brushing is done thoroughly and daily.

Dental chews and toys, hard biscuits and special dental diets can certainly help maintain optimum oral hygiene but should not be considered a reasonable substitute for daily teeth brushing. Traditional chew toys such as dental chew toys, rope bone chew toys and edible dog chews are designed to keep your dog engaged, with the added benefit of cleaning the teeth. These toys will entice your dog into playfully attending to dental hygiene.
They can also keep your dog entertained and out of mischief during those times when you must leave your dog alone.

Rope Bone Chew Toys -Try a dental rope chew toy for great flossing action. As your dog happily chews on these toys the rope fibers clean between the teeth. Spray on some dog dental care spray or rub on a little flavored pet toothpaste to really enhance the cleaning action of this enticing dental chew toy. Chewing on a cotton rope bone can help clean those back teeth.

Dental Chew Toys – For long lasting chewing fun, and a great dental workout, get your dog a dental chew toy. Some dental chew toys can also be stuffed with your dog’s favorite treats for hours of stimulating chewing. And for smaller dogs there are dental chew toys that not only have teeth cleaning grooves but also are combined with a rope chew. Just add some pet toothpaste to the dental grooves and your dogs will eagerly participate in their daily dog dental care routine.

Edible Dog Chews – many pet shops and online stores now carry a variety of composite chews. These all natural rawhide dog chews can’t ribbon, are easy to digest and dogs love the baked in flavor. There is even an edible dog chew treat available that contains no animal by-products.

Be sure to have your vet examine your dog’s teeth thoroughly on a yearly basis. Get in the habit of looking in your dog’s mouth to check for broken or cracked teeth.

Don’t let your dog chew on rocks, bones, cow hooves, or hard nylon or ceramic bones. Safer chewing toys are those made of rubber, soft rope bones, or bones that are soft enough to provide the necessary chewing exercise without the possibility of breaking teeth. Rawhide may be safe for chewing, but as it softens pieces can break off and if inhaled, may cause your dog to suffocate. If swallowed, rawhide can cause an intestinal blockage.

Get in the habit of looking in your dog’s mouth to check for broken or cracked teeth.

If your pet does not take to tooth brushing, or you just don’t have the time or patience plan on taking your pet in for regular dental care!

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