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Dog food brands

Brands of Dog Food

The first commercial dog food was made in England in the mid-19th century. It consisted of a sort of biscuit made of various grains, vegetables and meat. Thirty years later the product was introduced to the U.S. with other manufacturers following in short order with their own formulations of various biscuits and dry kibble food. Canned foods followed after WWI with the introduction of canned horsemeat for dogs, followed by the development of the expanded-type of dry dog food and then the newer soft-moist products. Today we have a much better understanding of dog’s nutritional needs, as well as far more choices of commercially prepared foods.

Some of the brands available today are:

Solid Gold dog food is one of those health food products. The company takes pride in using all natural ingredients, with no chemical preservatives or artificial additives of any kind. Their foods come in both dry and canned for all ages of dogs, and include beef, lamb, bison and fish flavors.
Wellness dog foods are a mixture of ready-made and dog food mixes that you can use with cooked or raw meat to make your own fresh foods. Their complete line includes dry, canned, freeze-dried, and raw foods in both standard and specialty formulas, such as their mix designed for dogs with grain allergies.
Nutro dog food is a complete line of dog foods that includes both dry and canned, with formulations for all ages, life stages and normal needs. In addition, they have a special formulation just for large breed dogs.
Innova dog foods are one line of food manufactured by Natura. There are both canned and dry versions, for puppies, and senior dogs. Other foods by Natura are California Natural dog food, which are dry or canned foods made with rice and either chicken or lamb, and Healthwise is a dry food, with formulations for adults, puppies, active and overweight dogs.
Canidae is a premium dry dog food, with a general all-life-stage formula, and one for senior and overweight dogs.
Pedigree dog food is a premium dry brand with several choices for puppies and adult dogs.
Natural Balance dog food is a complete line of dry and canned dog food, with some unusual flavors and blends, such as sweet potato/fish, venison/brown rice, or potato/duck. They have a vegetarian formula, as well as a raw meat one, and address almost every possible special condition, as well as regular feeding.
Doctors Foster & Smith dog food is an ultra high quality line of dog foods designed by veterinarians in both dry and canned regular and special formulas.
Science Diet dog food is popular with veterinarians and is sold in many pet supply stores. It has a complete line of premium dry dog foods, including both regular and several specialty varieties, such as for large breed dogs, or those with sensitive stomachs.
Eukanuba dog food is another premium brand of dry food commonly found in large pet stores and frequently recommended by veterinarians.
Iams dog food features a sauce pack to use with their full line of premium dry dog foods for all ages and stages of dogs.
Kibbles’n’Bits is a popular grocery store brand of dry dog food.
Kosher Pets dog food consists of freeze-dried beef patties for your dog, made from only table-food quality all-natural ingredients, and subjected to rigid kosher inspections to assure the highest quality possible.
Newman’s Own dog food is made from hormone free, vegetarian, organic chickens, and comes in both adult and senior formulas.
Barking Bison dry dog food is made of high quality bison meat and is recommended for allergic and sensitive dogs as care is taken to ensure it’s free of the most common allergens.
AvoDerm premium dog food includes in its complete line a vegetarian formula for meat-sensitive dogs.
Sojo’s dog food mixes are blends of grains, nuts, herbs and vegetables that you mix with meat to create fresh homemade foods for your dog. You can also add fresh vegetables or even your own leftovers.
Home Made 4 Lifeďż˝ dog food is a high protein packaged homemade all natural dog food, free of any artificial ingredients.
Purina dog food is one of the world’s largest dog food companies, and its products cover every possible age, stage, body condition, breed, activity level, and special need of dogs. The brands made by the Nestle Purina Company include some of the best known brands of canned, dry, and soft moist foods – many of which are affordable and easy to find in your supermarket. Some examples are: Alpo is a line of canned with and without gravy, and dry dog foods. Beneful premium food has four formulas, including one for skin and coat, as well as one for calorie control. Dog Chow is basic dog food, in formulas for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs, available in most grocery and pet stores. Mighty Dog is a gourmet style canned or soft moist dog food. Moist’n’Meaty dog food comes in single serving size pouches of soft moist style, and is designed as an “additive” to regular dry dog food. ProPlan is an ultra high-protein dog food especially designed to bolster your dog’s immune and digestive systems. Puppy Chow is, as the name suggests, designed especially to address the nutritional needs of growing puppies.
Purina ONE dog food has one premium formula said to be based on the latest scientific knowledge about dogs’ nutritional needs, and includes all nutrients currently believed necessary for optimum health.

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