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Dog Clippers: Trimmed Down to a Science

Dog Clippers: Trimmed Down to a Science

As you well know, for many dog breeds, part of the grooming process involves clipping. Even if you have always taken your dog to a grooming professional, that’s no reason that you can’t start with your own set of dog clippers to give your dog that professionally groomed look.

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There are many different types, styles, and price levels when it comes to dog clippers. No matter which ones you select, however, it’s not wise to make your decision based on economizing alone. Put simply, bad dog clippers will do a bad job.

The most commonly used brands and models of dog clippers today are the Oster A5 and the Andis. This isn’t to say that they’re the best, however, it does give an indication of their consistency in pleasing their customers. These two brands offer detachable blades, which is a very appealing feature when it comes to dog clippers.

With your dog clippers, you’ll want an assortment of different blade sizes, to ensure that you’ll be able to do all of the different parts and areas of your dog neatly and safely. The blades you’ll want should include the following:

  • Size 10
  • Size 30
  • Size 40

Moreover, having a size 7F – full tooth – and size 15 blades is also recommended, depending on what you’ll be wanting from your dog clippers.

The sizes have to do with the closeness of the cut you’ll achieve with the dog clippers. The higher the number, the closer your cut will be.

  • Size 40 blade – a very close cut, to be used on the ears.
  • Size 7F blade – leaves the longest coat, and is usually used for dogs who have thin coats.
  • Size 10 blade – the blade you’ll use the most, as it’s the one you’ll probably use for most of the body.

It’s wise to remember to use clipper oil on the mechanics of your dog clipper blades before you use them each time. The reason you want your dog clippers to be well oiled is that it prevents them from getting hot and causing discomfort or even pain to your dog.

Never attempt to use human hair clippers on your dog. This can be dangerous for you and your dog, since human hair clippers are designed for only light-duty cutting. Dog clippers should be designated as “heavy duty” or “professional” clippers, and should be designed specifically for dogs.

A good set of dog clippers will usually cost in around $100, but if you consider how much you’d pay a professional groomer, you’ll quickly make up the money by doing it yourself.

Keep the following in mind when using your dog clippers:

  • Dog clippers work best when you’ve bathed your dog first, as dirt and debris will dull your clipper blades
  • Best results will be achieved with your dog clippers if the fur is brushed and dry.
  • Dog clippers are meant to be used in the direction of the hair growth – especially for beginners. Going against the grain is only for people with experience.

Remember, your first attempt at using dog clippers will not bring your most beautiful results. With time, practice, and patience, you’ll greatly improve your dog grooming skills. Your ability to use your dog clippers will get better every time.

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