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Introduction to Dog grooming – tips on grooming and supplies

Dog Grooming Supplies and articles

No matter what kind of dog you have, he will need regular grooming in order to stay healthy´┐Żand smell good. Just like you feel fresh and comfortable when you’re clean and healthy, so will your dog. By properly grooming your dog, he will be kept happy and healthy.

If you can, begin when your dog is still a puppy, so it becomes a normal and fun activity. Always praise your dog as he is being groomed, so that it is an enjoyable experience for you both.

There are some easy grooming actions that you can take to make sure that your dog remains healthy and clean. These are:

  • Brushing
  • Bathing
  • Toenail clipping
  • Brushing teeth

Brushing your dog is one of the most basic and practical steps that you can take to keep him or her clean and healthy.

Using a soft brush – one that has been made especially for dogs, since it will be the proper design for dog hair and skin – begin by brushing in the direction of hair growth.

If your dog sheds heavily, you may want to change directions once you’ve worked out all the knots and snarls, and brush your dog’s fur opposite the direction of growth. Do this very gently, as many dogs don’t feel comfortable when their hair is being pushed in the wrong direction. This will allow you to brush out any of the loose under hairs – those that usually fall out during shedding.

Finish by brushing your dog back in the right direction again. Don’t forget to brush everywhere, paying special attention to the area behind the dog’s ears, on his or her belly, and his back legs and tail.

When it comes to bathing your dog, many people choose to take their dogs to professional groomers. If you live in an apartment, or if you’re simply too busy, this is a perfect solution. However, if you have the time and resources, there’s no reason that you can’t bathe your dog yourself, either in your bathtub, or in a tub in the backyard with the hose.

Many people find that bathing their dogs is a fun and often therapeutic experience. And once your dog is used to it, and knows what to expect, it can be fun for him or her, too.

Learning to clip your dog’s nails can seem daunting, but it’s really not half as bad as you might think as long as you know what you’re doing, and you let both you and your dog get used to it gradually.

No matter if it’s you, your vet, or a dog groomer who clips your dog’s nails, it’s vital that it does get done. If you let them grow too long, they will begin to curl under, making it difficult – and sometimes painful – to walk. Moreover, the longer you let the dog’s nails grow between clippings, the longer the quick will get, making it more of a challenge. Therefore, it’s simply easier to keep on top of them, and keep them trimmed.

Your dog’s teeth are very important to his or her health, as oral problems can lead to very bad breath, as well as problems with the heart, liver, kidney, and even brain. To brush your dog’s teeth, get a kit from the pet store, including a doggie toothbrush, and special doggy toothpaste. Most dogs like the taste of this special toothpaste, which is usually beef or peanut butter flavored.

Gradually build up to a regular brushing routine, starting with only a few teeth at a time, to get you both used to it. Bring it to the point where you’re brushing about twice per week.

All of these things are quite easy to build into your routine, and will give you some real quality time with your pooch.

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