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Dog Grooming Tables

What You Need to Know About Dog Grooming Tables

When it comes to dog grooming tables, there are two primary schools of thought. These two types are:

  • Standard grooming tables
  • Adjustable grooming tables

No matter which one is your preference, structural stability and durability should be your primary concern.

Whether a professional, or an “amateur,” you should insist upon the very best from your grooming equipment. The dog grooming table is the foundation for your efforts, and should make certain that both you and the dog are comfortable and safe. It will make it much more pleasant and secure for you both in the long run.

When you’re thinking of buying a dog grooming table, consider the way you’ll be using it, to know what sort of features you’ll be wanting. For example, in which of the following places will you be using your dog grooming table?

  • In your shop/veterinary office?
  • On the road?
  • In your home?

The answer to this question will make a big difference when it comes to the kind of dog grooming table you will require, the features you want, and how much money you should be spending.

If you’ll be using the dog grooming table in a shop or at a veterinary office, you may find a good solid dog grooming table with an adjustable height to be the most practical idea for you. Certainly it will be a higher expense, but if you make sure to buy a quality model, then you’ll save a lot of frustration and back pain with the ability to have larger dogs step on at floor level, and have the dog grooming table lift them up to the perfect height for you, instead of trying to heave them up yourself.

If you’re a “traveling” dog groomer, that is, you’ll be bringing your dog grooming table with you to several locations, or visiting the homes of your clients, then you’ll definitely want a table that is collapsible, to fit into your vehicle, and through doors and hallways – yet still very stable when set up – and that is light enough to carry with you and lift into and out of the vehicle. You’ll also want a very durable model, so that it’ll put up with the bashing about you’ll put it through when loading, unloading, setting up, and bumping into things. A carry handle is also a very useful feature that you’ll want to look for.

Should you want the dog grooming table just for your own home, then you’ll probably wish for something that is less expensive – since you’ll likely be using it only on your own dog(s) – as well as sturdy, but one that can be conveniently tucked away when you’re done with it. It doesn’t need to be as light as the one you’d need if you were traveling with it – since you probably won’t be going very far with it – but you will want it to get small enough that it’ll fit into a closet, or behind the couch in the basement.

No matter what dog grooming table you need, you’ll want to ensure it has the following:

  • Strength and durability, with heavy hardware
  • Non-slip rubber matting
  • A grooming surface that can be easily wiped clean
  • Extremely sturdy, stable legs.
  • Rounded edges to prevent injury

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