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Dog jewelry

Dog Jewelry

Not only do humans need bling bling – so does your dog! Pet jewelry has come along way from beads on a colorful bit of string put around your dog’s neck. Enter the world of 21st century dog jewelry. Plenty of designers and manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to meet demand, and the result is a delightful variety of gorgeous trinkets for dogs and matching stuff for the people they own.

Every doggie owner knows that a dog’s wardrobe and especially his jewelry can make an important fashion statement and give a boost to doggie self esteem. How does a dog know when he is looking good? Well, there’s all the added attention and those exclamations of “Oh, how cute!” from human admirers.

You little fur baby has fashion needs just like you! Razzle dazzle ’em! Dress up your precious pooch with sophisticated and glamorous dog jewelry. You’ll attract attention and spark conversation hanging out at the dog park, walking your dog, during holidays or special outings, the neighbor dog’s birthday party, or just for everyday wear. Imagine your pooch wearing a little glitz and glam – something that takes an ordinary day and turns it into something special. Choose from available jewelry collections or buy custom designed unforgettable creations. Show your love and show off your dog!

Is your dog hip and with the “in crowd”, does he need a charm for his collar, can you see him in pearls? Would you like to enter him into a dog photo contest? Dog jewelry is elegant and fun! Your dog will look so glamorous or handsome he or she will be the envy of all.

Pamper your dog and dress him up with special jewelry just for him. The choices are endless and the prices range from very affordable casual chic all the way to the finest upscale fashion elite. Buy your canine companion little trinkets, bows, fine necklaces, hair clips and pins, tiaras, charms, slider initials, necklace and hair clip ensembles, barrettes, designer collars, bracelets and anklets.

An exciting trend in dog jewelry is the matching collar, leash, and bracelet or anklet set.

Expensive dog jewelry comes adorned with precious and semi-precious stones, Swarovski Australian crystals, faux or real pearls, and rhinestones in every color of the rainbow. Or, accessorize your dog with affordable costume jewelry selections that’s cute and incredibly inexpensive!

Get lavish with dog collars and necklaces that come from trendy, upscale designers sporting colored rhinestones, jewels and crystals, exquisite diamonds, or pearls. Show
him how much you love him by giving him a beautiful birthstone pet charm that attaches to any collar.

Personalize collars that spell out your pet’s name or make a fashion statement with slide-on rhinestones, crystals, diamonds or precious stones that surround or accent your dog’s name. The latest “in thing” – boa collars with Swarovski crystals! Veterinarians recommend that decorative collars have a bit of stretch to them in case they get caught on something. Then your pet can wriggle out and not be choked. They also recommend pets not be left home alone when wearing jewelry.

Leads and leashes also come adorned with matching designs to finish off an elegant
leash-collar or leash-necklace combination. The handle of your leash can also be decorated with matching baubles.

Buy him a charm that proudly displays his breed or name spelled out in initials, engraved medical alert information, or a charm with softly chiming bells that gently announce his presence.

Pet Branklets´┐Ż make the fashion scene! Yes, dog jewelry now includes an innovative product that can be used as a dog bracelet or anklet. To use as a bracelet, simply put it above your pet’s front paw knuckle. To use as an anklet, put it above your pet’s hind leg knee. Pet branklets are safe dog jewelry as well as beautiful and they will stay on! Your dog will be a fashion leader. This is a real Hollywood fashion statement that’s easily affordable for the average dog. When sizing your dog for an ankle bracelet measure the front paw, right above the knuckle or the hind leg right above the knee.

There’s lots of big dogs jewelry and accessories so the larger breeds won’t have to do without. Your dog needn’t feel like a sissy wearing a collar dubbed “the Gladiator” or “the Intimidator”.

Take care not to leave your pet unattended when he’s wearing an intricate designed piece of fine jewelry. Many of the necklaces come with a split ring that you can attach your dogs’ tag onto. This is handy if you are going to take your pet out for the day and would like him to wear a necklace and not a collar. Necklaces are not meant to attach leashes
to – they are for decorative purposes only. Never attach a lead or harness to a necklace.

To determine the correct size for a necklace, measure around your dogs’ neck above his shoulders and add one or two inches. Additional length may be necessary if the dog’s coat is particularly long or thick. Necklaces should fit loosely around the neck.

What could be more perfect than to complete the look by matching your dog’s jewelry and accessories with yours! Strut your stuff with beautiful creations fashioned into necklaces for dogs and gorgeous bracelets for humans. There are also gold protection medallions that both owner and pet can hang from their necks. And let’s not leave out the ever-popular charm bracelet. While your dog is wearing a colorful leather collar with slide charms spelling out his name or a brief message, you can be sporting a matching leather bracelet, similarly adorned.

Why not treat yourself or the dog lover in your life with jewelry. The pet fashion world now includes luxurious dog themed jewelry for dog owners with charms, earrings, pins, pendants, brooches, lockets, bracelets, key rings, lapel pins, tie tacks, or wristwatches. You can even buy dog themed jewelry as gift items for dog owners.

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