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Selecting A Kennel

Selecting A Kennel

You always want your dog with you but, sometimes, it’s just not possible. There may come a time when you have to place your dog in a kennel and leave him in the hands of another. To insure that these hands are competent, you must research every aspect of a kennel and see if it meets your standards.

One: when searching for a kennel, take into account the references made by your family, friends, veterinarian, groomer or others. Also, it is recommended that you search the phone book and Internet for a full listing of kennels. Give yourself as many options as possible.

Two: when you have made a selection, make an unannounced visit to the kennel. Speaking over the phone will not give you a true “feel” for the establishment; you must see it for yourself. By simply arriving at the kennel, you can see it in its typical form and see if it suits you.

Three: once you arrive at the kennel, be certain to meet the staff. These are the people that will be caring for your pet; you have to be comfortable with them. They must be competent and friendly and, of course, dedicated to dogs. If the staff does meet your standards, then immediately find another kennel. When you are away, you cannot devote all of your energy to worrying about your pet. You must be confident that he is well. To have that confidence, you must be impressed with the staff.

Four: besides the staff, you must also be comfortable with the kennel itself. Is it clean? Organized? Spacious? Will your dog’s specific needs be meet here? A solid staff cannot compensate for a poor facility. That is why it is important to arrive announced; you can see it for as it usually is and understand the typical day.

Five: each kennel offers distinctive choices. You must find the right choices for your pet. How often do the animals receive food and water? What are the sleeping commendations? How often are the dogs exercised? Your dog has specific needs; be sure that the kennel meets them.

Six: in case an emergency should arise, you must know what procedure the kennel will follow. What does your pet require? Is the kennel close to your usual veterinarian? Do they provide their own emergency services? If so, you must see if they meet your standards.

Seven: if the kennel does suit you, then you be sure that it suits your pet. Before going away on a lengthy trip, board your pet there and see how he responds. If the response is poor, you may want to consider another kennel or, even, a pet sitter to keep him in his typical environment.

With these tips, you can be sure to find a kennel that is perfect for both you and your dog. While it will be difficult to leave him behind (no matter how short the time), you can find comfort in the fact that he will be taken care of.

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