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Dog leashes

Dog Leashes – Types, Styles, and Designs

Dog leashes come in a wide variety of types and styles. Many have been designed for specific purposes; some are designed for convenience and ease of use, while others display the creativity of the designer with regard to appearance and decoration. There does seem to be a dog leash available for just about any purpose you can imagine.

– Automatic dog leashes have a length of cord that feeds out as your dog walks away, and then automatically retracts into the handle/case as he comes back, so you never have to manually retract it or push the button, and your dog never gets tangled up in it. Flexi-Leash� is the brand name of one such automatic leash. Some retractable leashes aren’t totally automatic.
– Convertible leashes can covert from a standard to a 1-foot leash by attaching the o-ring in the handle back to the bolt snap that connects to the collar:
– Designer dog leashes are available from well-known people designers like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. In addition, there are leashes made by less well known designers, that also feature unusual designs, choices of fabrics, fancy decorations, and a large variety of choices. There are silk brocade on leather leashes, bejeweled patent leather leashes, camouflage, painted, woven and plaited leashes, and leashes featuring television and movie themes. There’s no limit to the imagination, and designers of designer dog leashes have plenty of creativity. There are companies that will custom design and craft a leash just for you and your dog, using whatever materials and hardware you choose.
– Double dog leashes (or triple or quadruple) have a coupler that allows you to control two dogs with one handle. Some have the coupler built in to the leash, while others require you to purchase it separately. There is also a modular style of multiple leashes, called the Z-Multi Flex Dog Leash SystemTM, that lets you put together leash, couplers, and handles separately to suit your needs.
– Double line or double thickness leashes have extra strength.
– Double handle leashes have a longer length that allows your dog to explore, but with a second handle closer to the collar that you can quickly grasp if you need to gain control in a hurry.
– Flashing, illuminated, and reflective dog leashes provide visibility in dim light or darkness. Some are battery-powered, and actually illuminate. One retractable model has a handle with a radio and flashlight in it. Others are made of bright materials, such as a fluorescent orange or yellow nylon and some have strips or patches of reflective materials fixed to the leash. Poly-Brite� is a brand of illuminated leash.
– Hands-free dog leash is a system, or arrangement that is ideal for running or hiking with your dog. It consists of a belt worn around your waist, with an adjustable leash attached that you can easily connect from your belt to allow your dog freedom to run if you choose, or extricate yourself if necessary. Buddy System� is one brand name for this style.
– Handles are not strictly leashes, but have much the same function. They are most often used with the type of harnesses worn by service dogs, and not only help you to control your dog, but help your dog to help you.
– Non-slip leashes have some means of helping you hang on without having to wrap the leash around your hand or get rope burns. Gripper� leashes have rubberized stitching or a rubberized strip running the length of the leash. And RuffGripTM leashes, are made of rubber woven nylon webbing, and have leather “stops” positioned every few inches along its length.

Other Specialty leashes include:
– The Harcol� Control Leash, which connects at both the dog’s collar and a harness, thus giving you a loop to grasp for much stronger control without putting too much strain on your dog’s neck or back.
– The Buffalo LeashTM brand is made of extremely durable and waterproof rolled leather, with high resistance to dry rot, and very low maintenance.
– The Walk or Stay LeashTM easily converts from a leash to a tie-down and back again, letting you walk your dog, then securely tie him to a tree or post, then easily unhook and walk him again.
– Retractable dog leashes consist of a length of nylon cord that retracts into a plastic case that has a handle for you to hold, along with a button that operates a brake, or lock to stop the cord from extending. Most automatically rewind in a manner similar to a window shade, while others have a button you can push to retract the leash. Length is usually about 16′ long when fully extended, though extra long lengths are available, some up to 26 feet.
– Slip leads, sometimes called British leads or leashes, are designed with a slip loop that doubles as a collar, making it easy and quick to put the leash on and off. Although it’s a similar principle to a choke collar, this would not safe be for a dog who isn’t well trained and might pull, as the leash doesn’t have the same amount of slip provided by a choke collar, and your dog could injure himself.
– Stretch leashes are made of either heavy duty rubber or some other elastic material to allow for some “give,” which takes the shock off your joints and your dog’s. One type has a regular leash with an elasticized handle. Shock cord or “bungee cord” leashes are made of tubular nylon webbing with a bungee cord inside. Bungee leashes are just bungee-cord material with a handle and leash hardware.
– Swivel leashes have an extra ‘swivel’ mechanism that prevents tangling, also allowing you to use the leash for staking out your dog if you wish.

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