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Dog Nail Clippers: Getting it Done on The Nail

Dog Nail Clippers: Getting it Done on The Nail

An important part of your dog grooming routine should include clipping his or her nails.

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Your dog’s nails are at the correct length when they are only just touching the ground when s/he walks. However, should his or her nails be clicking on your tiles, or getting caught up in the carpet, it’s time to get out the dog nail clippers and give them a good trim.

Dog nail clippers should be trimmers that are specially designed for dogs. Do not try to use human nail clippers, or some other clipping device for the nails. Dog nail clippers are formed in a special way that will make the easiest, most accurate clip, and will avoid partial clipping, tearing, or pain to the dog.

As with everything else dog-related, you have a choice of different styles of dog nail clippers. The choice is entirely yours as to which type you choose. It’s usually a personal preference, for comfort during the process. There are three primary types of dog nail clippers:

  • Guillotine-style dog nail clippers – This style of dog nail clippers is used by inserting the dog’s nail into a hole at the top of the trimmer. You simply squeeze the handles of the dog nail clippers together, and a blade will come down and cut through the nail. Many owners of large dog breeds find that this type can be a struggle, as thicker nails can be challenging to get into the guide hole. The blade on these dog nail clippers need to be changed frequently, as a dull blade means a struggle to cut, and a more ragged result.
  • Pliers-style dog nail clippers – These dog nail clippers work in the same fashion that pruning shears use. There are two notched blades which surround and then clip through the nail as you squeeze the handles together. Many groomers prefer these dog nail clippers since they make it easy to judge precisely where the blade will be clipping the nail. These are especially good for large dog breeds as they make the trimming of large, thick nails a breeze.

Make sure to invest in a heavy-duty pliers-style dog nail clipper if you’ll be going through the thick nails of your large dog. This type of dog nail clipper is also available for small and medium dogs. Though they don’t have blades that must be replaced like the guillotine-style dog nail clippers, they do have blades which must be sharpened when they get dull.

  • Scissor-style dog nail clippers – This is the type of dog nail clippers that works just like a pair of scissors. There are two scissor-like notched blades which surround and cut through the nail as you push the handles together. These won’t do for larger, thicker nails, though. These should be considered only for light jobs, such as very small dogs (toy breeds especially), which is why they are often found in the cat and bird claw aisles as well.

No matter what type you use, make sure that they are sharp, and that they are the right size for your pet. This will mean comfort, accuracy, and a long life for the dog nail clippers.

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