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Dog Pillows – Comfort for Your Dog

Dog Pillows:
The Best Kind of Comfort for Your Dog

Just like people, dogs have their own sleeping styles and patterns. It’s important to observe the way in which your dog sleeps if you want to choose the very best pillow for his or her needs. Should your pooch be the type who likes to sleep all sprawled out, a dog pillow may be the very best sort of dog bed for him or her.
Dog pillows are the most common type of dog bed currently in use. They come in many different shapes and sizes, in order to suit the needs of any type of dog breed. You can also choose from a huge assortment of colors and fabric types. They will also be filled with one or a few of any number of different fillers. These fillers can include:

õ Poly foam
õ Other types of foam
õ Natural fillers
õ Cedar chips (which kill odors and act as natural flea repellents).

The most common shapes of dog pillows are oval, rectangular, and square, though that is far from the only shapes available. Many unique shapes such as hearts are also relatively easy to find.

A dog bed is a great gift for your dog for both comfort and health. A dog pillow is ideal for your canine friend who is less agile than s/he once was. It will be much easier on the joints and bones, support dog breeds that are slender or aging, bring comfort to ailing and arthritic pets, and even insulate kennels and floors against coolness and drafts.

Of course, these benefits will only be achievable if you buy the right size for your dog. Unfortunately, dog owners seem to be inclined to buy dog beds that are too small for their pets. Whether it’s because they do not know how to measure to bed, or that they are trying to save a few dollars is not really known, but if the dog’s bed is too small, it will not give your dog the comfort, support, or health advantages of a properly sized bed.

To measure your dog for a bed, wait until s/he is lying down and measure him or her from the tip of the nose, to the base of the tail. Then add a minimum of 12 inches. If you’re unsure, always choose one size up. A dog pillow can never be too big, but it can easily be too small.

You should also make sure that your dog bed has a cover that is easy to remove, and that is both machine wash and dryable. It will not only make the dog bed last much longer, but it will also make it smell and look much better too. There is nothing less attractive than a stinky, grimy dog bed, especially if it is located in an area inside your house. You’ll find that you’ll want to wash it rather frequently, and if it isn’t machine wash and dryable, you’ll only become frustrated with it.

So treat your dog to a deep and dreamy pillow bed that will support his or her joints and bones, and will provide him or her with the marshmallow-soft comfort s/he wants for snuggling up and having a good nights sleep.


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