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Dog Seat Belts, Harnesses, Barriers, and Restraints

Dog Seat Belts, Harnesses, Barriers, and Restraints
The type of vehicle you drive will largely determine the type of restraint you choose, with barriers being more suited to vans, SUVs and station wagons, while seat belts and harnesses work better with sedan-type vehicles and pickup trucks.

Dog Seat Belts/Harnesses
These go together because of course you don’t actually put a car seat belt on a dog. Rather there are a variety of devices used, some with their own straps that attach to the ’round bar’ or permanent fixation point in your car in much the same way as a child safety seat does, and some that use your car’s existing seat belts. These devices consist of some sort of harness or vest worn by your dog, which is then fastened securely to the vehicle by the use of straps. Some are designed specifically for use in a vehicle, while others are multi-purpose and can be used to walk or tie your dog as well. There are a variety of configurations to suit every possible size and shape of dog.

These devices fit behind the last row of seats and keep your dog confined to the back part of your vehicle, separated from the passenger compartment. They are constructed of a variety of materials, the most common of which are steel or aluminum tubing, and wire mesh. Some combine a wooden frame with wire mesh, and still others are made of a sturdy nylon netting. They are bolted or otherwise fastened securely to the vehicle so that your dog cannot knock them down and escape.

Pick up Truck Restraint
This is very similar to the seat belt/harness arrangement, except that it requires the installation of sturdy steel hardware to the bed of the truck, and the restraint is then fastened to that. Some systems are as simple as a tie down point for the dog’s leash, which of course must be kept short enough that the dog cannot fly out of the truck bed and be strangled by his collar, but long enough that he has room to stand and move about freely. Others also incorporate a type of harness arrangement with straps or seat belts that could be used inside the vehicle as well.


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