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Dog shirts

The Bottom Line:

A better closure method than buttons or snaps is Velcro. This self-sticking closure fabric will allow stylish dog shirts to be made adjustable for dogs for who struggle with weight loss and gains. Additionally, you do not have to worry about buttons or snaps being chewed off and eaten – or even worse – on which your pet could choke! If buttons are something to be attacked with glee, omit them! If flashes of glitter on the side of a shirt are teeth targets, don’t get it.

And don’t forget the necessity for a slit at the back for a leash. Any provider of stylish dog clothes will have remembered to include a place for the harness or leash attachment to come through, but it needs to be kept in mind if you are making these wearable items yourself.

During hot weather a shirt will protect your dog from the sun and you can cool him down by wetting the shirt with cold water!

When the winds are chilly and the ground is colder, dog shirts are perfect for warmth on windy days, for a little extra cover on cool nights, and long stays in cold houses.

For all seasons dog shirts are nice to put on your dog for agility practice warm ups, camping trips, or just lounging around. Your pet will be in style and the talk of the town in a sensational dog shirt!

Never leave your dog unattended with a shirt on – it could get tangled in bushes, fences or elsewhere. If your dog seems irritated or bothered by the shirt, remove it immediately.

As you can see, whatever the reason you may choose to buy a shirt or several shirts for your dog, there are so many choices as to make the job almost overwhelming. But if you
take your time, keep in mind your dog’s needs as well as your preferences, be aware of what’s available, and set a budget and stick to it, you’ll find yourself having a grand time, and your dog will enjoy all the pampering and extra attention, as well as the practical benefits a good shirt can bring.

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