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Chapter 2. Has his own space

Has his own space

You companion will need a spot just for him. An indoor living space he can go where he will not be pestered by children, other pets, and visitors. Somewhere he can just hang out that’s quiet and warm, with no one bothering him. This can be a crate, a blanket in a corner, a basket, or a doggy bed. He’ll need protection from the heat, cold air, drafty conditions, and dangerous objects. Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive on a routine, so give your pet his own space where he is comfortable sleeping and spending time alone, a place he can use as his "den". If he’s a puppy he’ll sleep as much as 20 hours a day!

You don’t want to overwhelm your pet with his new surrounding, so introduce the household gradually. Begin with the areas in which your dog will spend the most time. Usually the outdoor area where you want your dog to eliminate is a good place to start. After he has used it, praise him and then go indoors and introduce the rest of the family. Next, with your dog on a leash, show him the eating and sleeping areas that you have already set aside for him. The first few hours and days need to be quiet without too much handling, excitement, and interaction. Let your dog adjust at his own pace. Different animals will take different amounts of time to get used to their new home. Some adjust in a matter of hours or days while others need weeks or perhaps a month or more. Just be patient during this stage.

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