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Dog Throws

Dog Throws: The First Defense for Your Furniture

Dog throws are your primary protection against dog fur all over your furniture, car seats, and good rugs. However, with today’s fantastic fabrics and designs, they can also be a splendid part of your d�cor.

Dogs have three types of hair that makes up their coat of fur.

� The soft, downy undercoat – which is much heavier in northern breeds, but which exists in almost all breeds that were developed in cooler (or cold) climates.
� Stiffer, sometimes longer, guard hairs – which protect the dog’s undercoat and its skin from wind, cold, and water.
� Whiskers – which are specialized hairs growing almost uniquely on the face in patches.

No matter what the type of hair, it will grow in a cycle, and once it’s reached its full length (determined by the type of dog you have) it’ll stop growing, die, and fall out. It then becomes the bane of your existence. That’s right, shedding.

It really shows how much you love your dog when you have to put up with those clingy little hairs on absolutely everything. This includes your food, yourself, your bed and, most of all, your rugs and furniture.

Sure, you’ll vacuum them, shampoo them, and pick at them with all sorts of fur removing devices, but there is a better way! A pet throw!

Dog throws are specifically designed to be comfortable for your dog, while protecting your furniture, rugs, and car upholstery from getting coated with dog fur.

Moreover, dog throws are comfortable for your dog, come in soft, non-itching fabrics, and come in any pattern and color, to match your current decorating. Your dog will find his or her dog throw to be comforting, too. It’s an area that your dog will recognize as his or her own. It will smell like him or her, and will be a familiar spot where s/he knows that s/he is allowed.

Dog throws are also very useful when it comes to travel. Your dog will be comforted on the dog throw when in your vehicle (which will then be protected from dog fur). Also, when your dog isn’t lying on the throw, it can be rolled up and easily transported. When you arrive at your destination, your dog will have a spot that is his or her own, with a familiar smell, even though the atmosphere is new.

The one concern you should have when it comes to buying a good dog throw is the way that it can be cleaned. If the dog throw isn’t machine washable and machine dryable, it’s not worth a penny that you paid for it. Sure it’ll be beautiful when you bring it home from the store�but not for long. No amount of hand washing, de-lint efforts, and even vacuuming will do what a washer and dryer can do. Furthermore, you’ll want to wash it frequently, and no dog owner will find picking dog hairs off the dog throw an attractive pass time every week.

Your dog throw will certainly be included among your most important possessions once you get it, so make sure you get the best one you can.

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