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Dog travel beds

Dog Travel Beds – Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

Of all the dog owners out there, half of them will travel with their dogs at least once every year. This means that for a very large number of people, there is a real convenience in owning travel beds for their dogs. This includes trips as simple as visits, or for long distances such as vacations, hunting trips, and camping trips.

Travel dog beds are an excellent product for the dog who is on the go. These travel beds are relatively low in price, but are almost always high in quality.

They come in many different forms, including:

  • Beds
  • Pads
  • Seat covers
  • Carriers
  • Back seat hammocks

The most comfortable, however, are the travel beds themselves. And dogs are gluttons for comfort.

It’s not hard to observe that dogs have a knack for finding a comfortable place in which to curl up for a nap, no matter where they may be. When traveling, this may be more of a challenge for your dog, so they will appreciate you all the more if you provide them with a comfy, cozy bed that they can call their own.

Of course, being comfortable is only the beginning of the benefits that come with travel beds. Others are:

  • Health benefits for the back, joints, and bones
  • Durability
  • Portability – as most come with a carrying case, or roll up for ease of travel
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compactness
  • Secure feeling it gives your dog, with its little piece of "home".

Travel beds are best designed when soft, supporting, and generously sized, while being moisture and soil resistant. These are high priorities when you’re shopping around. You’ll also want to find one that is easy to carry, whether it folds up into its own bag, with straps, or comes with an easy-to-use case.

If you travel a lot during the winter, the travel beds you might want to look at may include heated travel dog beds. The best heated travel beds come with a self-regulating heater – to prevent you from having to constantly monitor and adjust it – and should have adapters that will run both out of the cigarette lighter of your vehicle, as well as a regular AC plug for any standard household socket. This way it is truly versatile – a necessity when you travel.

More recently, with the popularity of minivans and SUVs, there have been a number of travel beds that are designed specifically for this type of vehicle. They cover the rear area of the vehicles, so that your pet can travel comfortably, safely, and dryly. They usually consist of a foam cushion within a zip-off cover. You’ll want one that covers the right amount of space, and preferably contains odor-killing effectiveness.

Travel beds also allow you to keep your dog relatively clean as you provide comfort for your dog. They cover the space upon which your dog lies, keeping your upholstery free of fur, stains, and odors.

If you will be traveling with your dog, do both you and your dog a favor and invest in a good travel bed.


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