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Types of doggie door installations

Types of doggie door installations:

– Sliding glass door panel. A glass panel approximately the width of the dog door is put in place at the open side of your sliding glass door, which then closes against it, reducing the size of the opening through which you pass. It is fastened securely so there is no less security than before installation.

– Sliding glass door in the glass. This type of installation involves replacing a portion of your sliding glass patio door with one that has an opening cut into the glass, into which the dog door is then installed. This type usually requires professional installation, and is not readily available in all locations.

– Automatic slider for patio doors. This type opens the entire door and is best suited for very large dogs.

– Screen mount is the simplest and cheapest type of installation, consisting of a flap arrangement, which is fastened into an opening cut into a door or window screen.

– Sash window. This type is an extension that fastens either onto the window frame below the window, or onto the window itself, which is then secured in the “up” position to make room for the door.

– Sliding window. This typed is similar to the sliding glass door panel, but shorter.

– Window mount in the glass. This type is similar to the sliding glass door in the glass. You must either buy replacement glass for the window or cut the hole yourself. It is also not available everywhere.

– Door mount pet doors mount in the bottom of a door into which a hole has been cut.

– French Door inserts replace one pane of glass in a French Door with a pet door of the same size.

– Garage door mount is as above, except mounted in a hole cut into your garage door.

– Wall mount is placed into a hole cut into an exterior wall of your house. Due to the thickness of the wall, this type resembles a short tunnel, which can be extended into a longer one if desired.

Once you’ve decided on the type of installation, you’ll want to choose the type of door and here too the choices are varied. Types of doggie doors include manual, several types of electronic doors, and those that are fully automatic.

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