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Donut Dog Beds

All about donut dog beds

One of the most important things that a dog can have in his or her life is a cozy, comfortable, healthy bed to sleep upon. Many dogs choose your bed for this, but as comfy as s/he may look when flopped out on your bed, there are better options for both of you. This involves a good dog bed. And in your dog’s case, a donut dog bed might be just the thing.

From an orthopedic point of view, dogs with heavy bones, and dogs who have shorter coats are at greater risk of injuring their bones when not sleeping on a sufficiently padded bed. When not sleeping on a surface that is padded and yet well enough supported, the areas at the highest risk include:

õ The spine,
õ The elbows,
õ The hips

So obviously, a donut dog bed isn’t just a matter of increased comfort. Your dog’s health is at stake as well. Therefore, a donut dog bed is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who values the health and comfort of their dog. However, there are a few things that you will need to consider before you run out and pick up the first donut dog bed that you see.

Pay close attention to what is inside the donut dog bed that you are purchasing. Different kinds of cushioning in a donut dog bed will have different benefits for your dog; you’ll want to make sure that you choose the bed that will best cater to the needs and preferences of your own unique dog.

Filler for donut dog beds can include:

õ Artificial materials
õ Natural materials
õ Cedar filling

The majority of donut dog beds are made out of artificial materials. This includes standard stuffing, which is very common and very comfortable for your dog. However, you may also wish to consider a filler that contains all – or part – natural materials, so that you can take advantage of their benefits as well.

Cedar chips are frequently added to quality donut dog beds. This may not sound like the most comfortable addition, but their advantages far outweigh their disadvantages. Cedar chips have a tremendous benefit, which is that they fight odors. This is important to keep the bed from smelling, especially if you have a dog that spends a lot of time outside. That’s when cedar chips in your donut dog bed will really start making the difference.

If your dog is outside for a good deal of the time, you may want to consider a donut dog bed that has been designed for the outdoors. This kind of bed will be sturdier, more water resistant, more stain resistant, and will have more cedar chips.

Even if you have bought an outdoor donut dog bed, it should still be placed in a sheltered area. After all, it won’t stop your pooch from getting rained on, so you’ll have to provide him or her with a roof. These beds are ideal for places such as garages or covered porches.

Inside or outside, your companion animal is certain to love the comfort, warmth, and health benefits of a good donut dog bed.

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