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Types of electric dog collars and where to buy

Types of electric dog collars and where to buy

There are over a dozen brands of electric dog collars available around the world so it’s not uncommon for someone contemplating using one to be confused. To some extent one thing that’s true with electric dog collars is true of any purchase. To some extent, “You get what you pay for.” If you buy the cheapest one available in your area, there’s a very good chance that you’ll regret it down the line. I’d recommend that you stay with one of the three major brands available around the world, Dogtra, TriTronics and Innotek.

I recommend that an electric dog collar that’s to be used for teaching a dog new behaviors should have at least 15 different levels of stim. It should have the ability to deliver stim both continuously, where the stim is given as long as you hold down the button and a “nick mode” where a short stim is delivered each time the button is pressed. The stim in that mode lasts for a few thousandths of a second and then stop. To get another stim you must release the button and press it again. The electric dog collar should have the ability to quickly switch from one level to another. This is necessary to keep up with the dog’s level of distraction. It should take you less than a second to go from the lowest to the highest level of stim available. Many electric dog collars offer a vibration mode or a noise maker of some type and those can be helpful in later, advanced work.

I prefer an electric dog collar that has a dial that allows for the stim to be continuously variable. At present only the electric dog collars available from Dogtra offer that ability. If you work outdoors in inclement weather or work around water I’d suggest that you stick with the Dogtra brand. All of the collars, the part of the tool that the dog wears are waterproof. But only Dogtra makes transmitters that are waterproof. You’ll pay a premium price for them, but if you work in all sorts of weather such as hunters, law enforcement or Search and Rescue workers, you’ll appreciate not having to keep your transmitter inside your jacket or in a plastic bag that will make it difficult, at best or possibly even impossible to use.

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