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Electric Dog Fence

Training Your Dog to Learn the Containment System’s Corrective Field:

– Let your dog wear the receiver/collar for 3-7 days before activating your pet containment system. He’ll get used to the collar and pay no attention to it. What he needs to learn is that the perimeter – not the collar – issues corrective stimulation.

– The receiver/collar must be snug against your dog’s skin. A snug collar is safe, comfortable, and necessary for your system to work properly. Check the tightness of the collar by inserting one finger between the end of a contact point and your pet’s neck. The fit should be snug but not constricting.

– Do not allow your dog to wear the collar more than 12 hours at a time. Because of the corrective prongs on the underside of the collar, wearing the collar 24 hours a day can lead to skin irritation. When your dog is not wearing the receiver collar, he should be inside your home or kenneled.

– Use flags to mark the boundaries of the perimeter at first. Your dog will need visual cues to learn. Leave the flags up for 15-30 days.

– Walk your dog on a leash the first time he receives corrective stimulation. When he crosses the corrective field, pull him out and issue "sit" and "stay" commands.

– You will be directing the dog to appropriate behaviors and he will learn by your commands. Train your pet that staying in the yard is the safe and correct way to avoid the correction.

You can’t expect any pet containment system to be effective without training your dog. It’s not like a fence. It’s invisible. Your dog will be confused. Plus a determined, untrained dog will withstand the stimulation long enough to break free.

Your dog should be at least six months old and weigh at least ten pounds before you consider a pet containment system. Any younger, and your dog probably will not accept the necessary training. Any smaller, and the receiver collar will not fit snugly.

If you do not train your dog to live with your pet containment system, he may not go into the yard at all. Or he may find a spot, afraid to move, and sit motionless.

Another aspect is teaching your dog about the invisible gate. You’ll train your dog to leave the invisible perimeter when you want him to.

1. Pick a spot on the perimeter.
2. Deactivate your pet containment system.
3. Command your dog to "sit" and "stay" in the perimeter at that spot.
4. Cross the perimeter and issue a "come" command. The dog will exit the perimeter without receiving corrective stimulation.
5. Always use the same spot every time to let your dog exit the perimeter.
6. Remember to praise your dog for correct behavior!

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