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Will an Electronic dog collar harm or hurt my dog?

Will an Electronic dog collar harm or hurt my dog?

People who are considering the use of an electronic dog collar often wonder whether they’re doing the right thing. Usually they come to the electronic dog collar after other methods and tools have been tried and failed. They may have experienced problems making the transition from on leash training to off leash training. They may have discovered that their dog is aggressive towards other dogs and won’t obey their commands when the leash comes off. They may have discovered that their dog likes to chase cats, deer or other animals and that they won’t recall after the chase starts.

But almost universally they wonder if the tool is humane! Will it hurt their dog? Is it humane. I think that used properly the electronic dog collar is the MOST humane tool in dog training. It’s easy to find the level at which the dog first feels the stim (short for stimulation). When humans feel this level of stim they almost universally described it as a “buzz” or a “tingle.” When children feel it they often giggle! I don’t think that a tool that causes children to giggle can be called “inhumane” by any standard.

One problem that people have with electronic dog collars is that they have some personal experience with electricity and they know that it’s painful. Often this experience comes when fingers drift down to the base of a light bulb that’s being changed. Many people are familiar with the numb arm, pain and discomfort that comes with this experience and are afraid that using an electronic dog collar will be like that for their dog. Some people have gotten shocked as children when they put a metal object into the wall outlet. Most of us have read in the newspapers a story about an electrician being killed after receiving a shock. But remember these experiences all deal with very high levels of electricity that are dangerous. The stim that comes from an electronic dog collar is generated by rather small batteries and are very safe. No one is afraid of changing the batteries in their flashlight or “boom boxes.” Of course an electronic dog collar can cause pain but those levels are almost never necessary when the tool is used for teaching and training dogs. Most work is done at the level where the dog first feels the stim.

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