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Advantages of Electronic dog collars

Advantages of electronic dog collars

Modern electronic dog collars are quite easy to use, very reliable and inexpensive. Of course those are all subject to personal interpretations but they’re much easier to use than conventional leash and correction collar techniques. There it’s not unusual for people to take years to learn to give a proper correction to their dog. Modern electronic dog collars are much more reliable than those of a decade ago and the best brands come with warranties that cover them for up to two years. Cost is, of course, relative to an individual’s income but it’s more about value than actual cost.

The electronic dog collar is the fastest, most humane tool available today to train a dog. Of course if the tool is misused it can cause your dog to feel lots of pain. But even in that circumstance, you can’t cause any physical injury. That’s not the case with the misuse of conventional training collars! Using an electronic dog collar, even the least experienced dog owner can get a reliable recall in a week. And that’s a recall that will work, no matter how far away the dog is or what he’s distracted by!

If you have more than one dog, don’t worry. There are electronic dog collars available that allow you to work multiple dogs at the same time from just one transmitter. They use either toggle switches to select which dog gets the stim or multiple buttons to press, one for each dog.

Avoid electronic dog collars that have batteries that you must replaced when they wear down. The best electronic dog collars have batteries that can be recharged over and over. Better ones have batteries that will last for many years and then can be replaced by the factory for a nominal cost. Avoid electronic dog collars that take more than a few seconds to go from the lowest to the highest level of stim. That’s something that you’ll rarely, if ever, have to do but if the tool requires you to go through the levels step by step, delaying at each level for a few seconds, it may take too long to get to a level that will overcome your dog’s level of distraction.

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