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Fly Control For Horses

Fly Control for horses – get rid of flies

Proper fly control for horses and ponies is absolutely essential: insects can cause irritation, infection and even disease. This is particularly important during the hot summer months when flying insects can be extremely prolific and annoying.

Protecting horses from injury is also a concern, since summer pests can cause a horse to hurt itself stampeding to get away, or biting or scratching at insect bites. Other health problems that can be prevented by fly control include parasites that can cause serious infections and dermatitis caused by scratching and irritating already existing bites.

Protecting the horse’s face and ears is extremely important, as this is their most sensitive area, and the area most frequently targeted by flies and mosquitoes. Insect bites around the eyes are particularly susceptible to irritation and infection. Not only does it prevent disease and health complications, it keeps the horse from being irritating or spooked by annoying summer pests.

Fortunately, there are a variety of products to give horses relief from the annoyance and infection insects can bring:

Fly Control Collar
Fly control collars are an easy and inexpensive way to provide long-lasting protection from flies and mosquitoes. Snap-on collars feature break-away safety latches and come in universal sizes. Having the collar around the horse’s neck helps especially to protect the ears and eyes-the horse’s most sensitive and vulnerable areas. Fly control collars normally last about 2 months.

Fly Control Leg Bands
These smaller bands are made of natural ingredients, and are the perfect way to keep away gnats and flies that normally swarm around the horse’s legs and feet. Most owners prefer to use them in combination with collars to provide complete protection for the horse. Fly control leg bands should last about 2 months, and are an inexpensive alternative for horses that are spooked by or allergic to spray repellants.

Fly Control Spray
Just like there are for humans, there are a wide range of technically advanced insecticides and repellents for horses. These are designed specifically to be safe and effective at keeping away dangerous and irritating summer pests. Fly control sprays can be safely used on horses and ponies and will usually protect the animal from flies, mosquitoes and gnats. They can also be sprayed on stalls and bedding for extra protection and to help prevent of infestation. The protection provided by fly control sprays usually lasts for 3-5 days. There are a number of trusted brands, many featuring all-natural ingredients will also offer conditioning for the horse’s skin and coat. Some varieties also offer sunscreens and a pleasant scent.

Fly Control Ointment
It’s also important to keep some ointment for bug bites on hand. Part of fly control for horse means treating bites, wounds and sores immediately. Fly control ointment helps protects sores and wounds while repelling all sorts of flies

Fly Control Masks
During the worst parts of the spring and summer, fly control masks offer the ultimate protection. There are models with or without ears, but all act as an ideal shade from the sun and cover from insects. They should have a comfortable fit, snug enough to keep our flies and protect the horse form other irritations like flying dust or dirt. A variety of sizes ensures a proper fit for any horse, and most are designed specifically to be easy to put on and remove.

Fly control is an essential element to keeping horses healthy and strong. Especially during the summer, keeping horses comfortable and safe from possible infection can be made easier by the right fly control product. With the various solutions available-from collars to sprays-complete protection and comfort is possible.

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