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Why should I get a heated dog bed?

Why should I get a heated dog bed?

Heated dog beds are the ideal choice for the dog who craves warmth while s/he sleeps. The warmth is great for comfort, healthy for many dogs, soothing for older dogs, and even eases the pain of arthritis. Heated dog beds can even be a practical idea when it comes to whelping boxes.

When selecting your heated dog bed, you should consider its function with your dog’s unique living situation. How cold does it get in the winter? Does your dog appear to find the air conditioning chilly in the summer months? Does your dog simply seem to crave any warm area, no matter the time of year? If so, a heated dog bed could be seventh heaven to your pooch.

Even if it doesn’t get too cold, or if you don’t use air conditioning, most dogs still love the feel of a good heated bed – with the exception only of in the hottest of summer months. Moreover, with good quality heated dog beds, you can remove – or simply unplug – the heater, so that your dog can enjoy the comfort of the bed itself, which is usually made of a good quality foam. This is especially true in the case of heated dog beds made of a layer or two of thick orthopedic foam.

Heated dog beds will frequently warm up to between 10� and 15� Celsius above the temperature of the room. Higher quality heated dog beds will come with a thermostat that will allow you to select just the right temperature for your dog’s comfort.

Heated dog beds are electric, and plug into the wall for safe warmth while your dog is napping. The foam is not only comfortable, but it helps maintain an evenly distributed and consistent heat.

Make sure that the cover of your heated dog bed is durable, removable, machine washable, and is stain resistant. Otherwise, it will become very unpleasant, very quickly. Moreover, you will want to wash your heated dog bed cover more frequently than a regular dog bed cover because the heat will cause the release of more odors.

When you decide where you’ll be keeping your heated dog bed, it will help you choose the proper model. Most models are suited for indoor use only. This means that you will need to be careful to select a heated dog bed that is approved for outdoor use, if you intend to have your dog use in your garage or on your sheltered porch. Your heated dog bed must be protected from moisture, as it is an electric device, and you don’t want it to short out or catch fire due to rain, snow, or other sources of moisture.

Keep your heated dog bed close to the power source. Even though many models have power cords that extend over 10 feet, you should try to keep it close to the wall, as it will be a hazard if your dog could trip over the cord, or accidentally pull it partially, or all the way out of the socket.

To choose the right size heated dog bed for your pet, measure him or her while s/he is lying down. Measure from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose, and add 12 cm to your total. It’s better to get a bed that is too big than too small. When in doubt, choose the next size up.

With the right heated dog bed, your pooch is certain to be comfy and cozy year round.

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