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Horse blankets

Horse blankets – For more than just warmth!

Horse blankets serve purposes besides providing warmth! They protect from flies and other insects as well as help to keep your horse clean. A horse’s blood circulation is even improved by a good horse blanket. It is essential for horse blankets to be waterproof, durable, breathable, and made from top-notch materials.

Horses can withstand very cold temperatures, so judge your horse blanket’s weight by your region and weather conditions. If your area is between seasons, you might want to consider a lighter-weight cover.

It’s best to spend a little more money to ensure purchasing a top-quality horse blanket, which should last several seasons. Another factor to keep in mind is that horses enjoy biting at things, including a blanket. Durability is a necessity to resist tearing; otherwise, you could lose a blanket in a very short period of time.

The perfect horse blanket requires the perfect fit. They should be fitted from the center of the chest, down the length of the horse’s side, to right under the tail. A fitted blanket provides not only protection but also comfort. Another important aspect is for the blanket to have a smooth underside or lining.

Are you aware of how to take care of a horse blanket? Here are some pointers for cleaning your horse’s outerwear, which should be an annual ritual:

  • A home washing machine might be able to clean a horse blanket, but all the hair and debris will take its toll on your washer. Lighter-weight blankets or sheets are candidates for your washer, but it’s better to leave the winter blankets to a professional cleaner.
  • If you choose to wash blankets yourself, first remove as much fur and dirt as possible. Then hose the blanket with water, and scrub it with a gentle detergent. Be sure to give it a thorough rinsing, and let the blanket dry before storing it.
  • Do not use fabric softener on your horse blankets. Horses perspire underneath their blankets, and any amount of soap residue can irritate their skin.
  • Use a trunk or zippered plastic bag to store your horse blankets. Make sure your blankets are completely dry before storing!
  • The best choice for cleaning is to send the blankets to a professional drycleaner. The cost is not exorbitant, and they come back looking like new and ready for storage.

Care for a particular color scheme? Want your horse blankets to match your horse trailer or barn or perhaps your ranch or farm insignia? There is a multitude of colors to choose from, and special orders are readily available. Along with a collection of colors, there is also a selection of styles awaiting your approval!

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