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How to Housebreak a Dog

How to Housetrain a Dog

Throughout this article all references will be made to ‘him’, but the advice applies to female dogs as well.

You are the proud owner of a new puppy or you have an adult dog and you want to housetrain him. In order to understand dog behavior you have to think like he does. Dogs are descendents of wolves and one of the characteristics they have retained from their ancestors are their need to be in a pack.

A pack includes one leader – someone who is the boss and is respected by all the other members. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of dogs don’t want to be the pack leader. It makes them feel safe to have someone else in charge, and that someone is you.

To successfully train your dog, you must be the leader of your pack, the alpha dog.

Always be firm and consistent with your dog and never act scared.

The first thing your puppy must learn is housebreaking or housetraining. That means he must learn where and when he may do his potty business.

For your adult dog, the first few weeks at home with you are a critical transition period.

Dogs benefit from having rules and a routine – as pack animals, they look for duties issued by the pack leader and naturally enjoy keeping schedules.

Focus your strategy on teaching your dog to go potty outside, rather than teaching him to not go in the house. The strategy is to train your dog to want to do something, not to convince him not to do something. Place emphasis on positive behavior rather than negative behavior.

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