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Housebreaking puppies

Housebreaking Puppies:

The best age to begin housebreaking your puppy is between 8 and 12 weeks old.

For puppies, stop water intake a few hours before bed time. This will help the puppy sleep through the night without waking you up to go outside.

Whenever your puppy cries or whines, assume he has to go potty. Take your puppy out early in the morning, immediately after he wakes up from a nap, after eating, after playing, several times during the day, and especially right before bedtime. If the puppy has soiled the bed by the time you get there in the morning, you’ll know he could not hold it all night.

Yes, you will lose sleep but puppies have small bladders and aren’t able to control their natural urges as well as an adult dog. Remember – puppies grow quickly into dogs. This time in your life where it seems like all you do is cater to your puppy’s bathroom needs soon will be over! It will get better.

A very general rule of thumb is one hour more than a pup’s age in months is about how long he can hold it. An 8 week puppy can’t go much more than a couple of hours, and 3 month pup can often go 4 hours.

First cater to his schedule, and then slowly change it to yours.

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