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Housebreaking Dogs : Points to Remember

Some points to remember until complete housetraining has been accomplished:

A puppy or adult dog can usually be housebroken in about three weeks, however keep in mind accidents will happen – even with a fully grown adult dog that is housetrained and rarely makes a mistake. He might have an upset tummy, play too hard and forget, be nervous or stressed concerning an unfamiliar situation, be frightened, or ill.

Remember to be patient, some dogs take longer than others to housetrain.

Dogs are social animals and love to please their human.

Correcting a dog after the fact is pointless, they really just don’t get it – their concept of time is different, and they do not see a cause and effect. While they might associate that there’s pee or poo over there on the carpet with your anger, they don’t get that they caused it to be there, so it’s ineffective and confusing to the animal.

The result of hitting, yelling, and punishment will eventually lead to him being afraid of you.

Always praise your dog when he does the right thing.

Confinement in a crate is the most common and most effective method of housetraining. Whenever you’re not interacting directly with your dog, he is safe in his crate.

Ideally, on a regular basis throughout the day, take him outside to a specific potty area to go to the bathroom. It means you must provide him with newspapers or a litter box indoors. He must have a place to "go" on a regular, reliable basis.

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