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Luxury dog beds

Luxury dog beds – for that spoiled pooch

No matter what kind of dog bed you select for your dog, you’re certain to be amazed at the number of different luxury dog bed versions of that type. It doesn’t matter your taste, style, or color preference, the ideal luxury dog bed is out there to fill the needs of both you and your unsuspecting pooch.

Examples of luxury dog beds that are readily available include:

õ Heart-shaped luxury dog beds
õ Bone shaped luxury dog beds
õ Luxury dog beds that look like sofas
õ Four poster luxury dog beds with canopies

Naturally, these don’t account for all of the choices and options, but it gives you a good idea as to the breadth of the range of luxury dog beds out there.

Other types of luxury bed additions include:

õ Wrought iron headboards
õ Wrought iron footboards
õ Hammock style beds

Moreover, if you happen to be one of those so inclined, you can even purchase a 14k gold bed frame with diamond studding on the headboard and footboard. Of course, with a bed like that – which is likely worth more than your car – you may also want to invest in a hefty burglar alarm and insurance policy.

Remember not to get too foolish when you buy a luxury dog bed for your beloved companion animal. Your dog, after all, is only looking for a comfy, safe, and warm place in which to sleep. If you get him or her something that looks adorable, but is comparable to sleeping on nails, then it won’t really do much for your dog – who should be coming first, after all.

However, when you have found a bed that is designed perfectly for your dog, they are the ideal way to spoil him or her.

The great thing about finding a luxury dog bed that is designed perfectly for your dog, is that they are not hard to find at all! They’re almost always of the highest quality – some far superior to your own bed! They’re commonly handcrafted, and designed not only to be comfortable for your dog, but appealing to look at, too!

Wouldn’t your darling, sweet puppy look so much happier on a chaise lounge than a simple rectangle? Well, your dog may not know the difference, but it can make all the difference to you.

The best type of place to get a luxury dog bed is somewhere that is specialized in pampering your pet. Online and offline, there are some spectacular options out there for obtaining the perfect sleeping environment for your doggie. Don’t be afraid to shop around, and don’t be surprised when luxury dog beds cost a pretty penny more than the ol’ standards.

One thing you should remember, though is that most luxury dog beds are meant more for great looks than chew-proofing. If your puppy hasn’t broken the chewing habit yet, it may be wise to wait until s/he is a bit older before dolling out the cash.

All in all, luxury dog beds are the perfect place for the pampered pooch.

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