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Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory Foam Dog Bed: A Doggie Dream Come True

A quality memory foam dog bed will mold directly to the unique shape of your pet, readjusting this shape with every movement your dog makes while s/he sleeps. This allows the bed to gently cradle your dog in whatever sleeping position he or she takes.

While a memory foam dog bed offers extreme comfort and health benefits for any dog, an older, arthritic pet will enjoy additional comfort and relief due to the support provided by memory foam’s therapeutic cushioning.

In fact, memory foam dog beds are so advantageous to dogs who are ailing or arthritic, they are frequently referred to as “veterinary bedding.” It’s like having a pressure-reduced veterinary hospital pad for your dog whenever s/he sleeps. These are the exact same beds that are being sold for people for over $3000 on television!

The memory foam in memory foam dog beds was initially developed by NASA specifically for the space program. It is by far the most comfortable sleeping surface that has ever been created. It has been further developed so that bed sores can be reduced, or altogether eliminated, so the material is extremely soft and keeps moisture away.

Memory foam dog beds are being used by veterinary clinics, breeders, and pet lovers all around the world, to take care of their dogs, and ensure comfort and health benefits for dogs:

  • With orthopedic problems
  • Who are incontinent
  • Who are whelping
  • Suffering illness
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Living with arthritis
  • Who enjoy a good sound sleep.

It is the open cell nature of memory foam dog beds that allows it to perfectly contour your pet as s/he sleeps. This way, it doesn’t form pressure points which can cause great discomfort, or even pain in your dog. Moreover, it provides support for the spine, meaning that it will not contort during sleep. This substance also eliminates compression points which are known to aggravate orthopedic conditions.

Memory foam dog beds are also, by nature, very breathable, so that the bed remains warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, ensuring a much more comfortable sleep. While this is appreciated much more by older or ailing dogs, this additional comfort is enjoyed by any kind of dog.

To get the most out of a memory foam dog bed, make sure that it comes with an easily removable, machine wash and dryable, zippered cover. Not only do these covers make certain that the dog bed will mesh with your current d�cor, it also means that the bed will be water resistant, soil resistant, and easy to maintain. This ensures a longer life for the bed, and a more enjoyable experience for your dog.

Make certain to keep the dog bed clean by regularly laundering its cover. While the cover may be soil resistant, dirt will still eventually wear away at its fibers, meaning that it won’t last as long, and that it will begin to appear worn. Moreover, a dirty dog bed is a smelly dog bed, and that’s not pleasurable for anybody.

No other bed compares to a memory foam dog bed. If you want the very best in comfort, and a healthy sleep for your beloved pet, then a memory foam dog bed is what you’ve been searching for.

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