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Orthopedic dog bed

Orthopedic dog Beds and arthritic dogs

As dogs age, it sometimes appears as though no matter how hard we try, they still aren’t achieving the level of comfort they once enjoyed when they were younger.

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This could be a result of a number of things, including joint problems, circulatory problems, and – most common of all – arthritis. With all of the latest technologies that have been developed for both the aging human population, and within the pet care industry, there is now a tremendous assortment of orthopedic beds out there that can help ease the discomfort of arthritic dogs.

When looking at an orthopedic bed for an arthritic dog, it’s important to examine the product with a good knowledge of what you’re seeking. The interior of most orthopedic beds designed for arthritic dogs is reminiscent of the bottom of an egg carton. This design provides a durable structure, with enough flexibility for comfort when pressure is applied to it. This way, the structure remains strong and supportive, but it is also comfortable to the dog lying upon it.

With the popularity and efficacy of orthopedic beds with arthritic dogs, the majority of companies have taken advantage of the aforementioned structure to create their own interpretation of what will best benefit your dog. However, other companies have added extra features, such as state-of-the-art materials (for example, memory foam) and heating systems.

If your dog is indeed suffering from arthritis, or similar problems that frequently come with age, you may also want to consider the orthopedic beds that have the heat feature. The heat is extremely soothing for aching joints, and arthritic bones. It also encourages circulation, which is very good for a dog with circulatory issues.

Another way in which orthopedic beds are good for arthritic dogs is the fact that your dog won’t feel as motivated to try to climb up and down on your furniture, since s/he has his or her own comfortable bed on which to nap, sleep, or simply lay down.

Of course, your dog doesn’t necessarily have to be arthritic to sleep on an orthopedic bed. Orthopedic beds are good for dogs whether they are arthritic or not. In fact, they are recommended for large dogs, puppies, and older dogs of all breeds. In the case of larger (and therefore heavier) dogs, you’ll want to invest in an orthopedic bed that has extra thickness, ensuring that important pressure points, like the elbows and hips, are protected, and the dog’s weight is evenly spread throughout the orthopedic bed.

Orthopedic beds, when used by non-arthritic dogs, are great for reducing the occurrence of arthritis later in life. This, alone, is well worth the cost.

Sizing for orthopedic beds for arthritic dogs, and dogs that are perfectly healthy should be done in the same way. Make sure that your dog has enough room to move and shift however s/he wants while sleeping or resting. It goes without saying that if a dog is squished in his or her bed, s/he will not be receiving the full benefit of the specially calibrated design, or will choose not to sleep there at all.


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