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Pet Bed Warmer

Pet Bed Warmer: Your Dog’s Tropical Vacation

Pet bed warmers can be absolutely perfect for your pooch, if s/he is among those who adore being warmed when s/he naps. Not only is warmth very comforting to many dogs, but it can also be very healthy and soothing. Pet bed warmers also help older dogs to get a better sleep, and will assist in easing the pain of arthritis. Not only that, but pet bed warmers can be the ideal addition for a practical whelping box.

A pet bed warmer may seem like an automatic choice for winter months, but many dogs like the warmth when they live in an air conditioned space. Then again, some dogs don’t need an excuse to use a pet bed warmer, many just crave somewhere warm to sleep; they feel good in a nice comfy heated bed. Of course, if it does get too hot, that’s not a problem either, since pet bed warmers are removable; when it’s too toasty outside, you just need to take it away.

These devices are the ideal choice for an aging or arthritic dog. You should already be paying close attention to the changing needs of your aging dog, noting where he or she can sleep now. Older dogs aren’t able to sleep on hard floors as comfortably, but they have trouble hopping up and down from furniture. Therefore, for older dogs, pet bed warmers aren’t just a matter of feeling good, but they have great health advantages as well.

The heat of a pet bed warmer is a particularly practical item for bringing some soothing to your aging dog. It eases overall aches, as well as those from getting older. Plus, there is a lot of security and comfort that comes from sleeping in a warm bed. The better quality sleep your older dog can achieve, the healthier s/he will be, and s/he will have a better quality of life, and live a longer length of time.

Then again, it isn’t just elderly dogs who can benefit from pet bed warmers. Other dogs who enjoy warmth in their beds include:

õ Whelping dogs
õ Newborn puppies
õ Sick dogs
õ Dogs who simply crave heat

Heat can help dogs of any age with arthritis, hip disorders, a large number of viruses, as well as the discomfort suffered after surgery. Many circulatory problems in dogs can also be aided with a nice warm bed.

Dogs find warm beds an extremely calming experience. This way, you can be assured that your dog will get a much more restful, peaceful sleep if s/he is sleeping in a bed with a pet bed warmer.

For your benefit, make certain that your dog bed is made out of a durable, removable, machine washable material. Do not wash the parts of the pet bed warmer itself, but instead wash only the cover of the dog bed, and spot treat any soiling to the pet bed warmer, or the filler of the bed.

With a good quality pet bed warmer, your dog is certain to have a warm, cozy smile on his or her face, all year round.

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