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Pet Cooler Beds

Pet Cooler Beds: Getting the Temperature Down

The latest in therapeutic and comfort technologies are now available for your dog with pet cooler beds. This type of dog bed gives your companion superior cushioning and support, with a fantastic cooling effect. This makes pet cooler beds the perfect option for dogs who get too hot, dogs with joint problems, dogs with hip problems, senior dogs, and dogs who are recovering after having gone through surgery. With this type of condition, a soft, cooling effect is most appreciated.

There are many benefits to pet cooler beds, including:

õ Soothing inflammation with cold therapy
õ Easing the pain of injured or arthritic joints
õ Non-toxic therapy that is safe for the environment
õ A large variety of other therapeutic applications
õ Cools dogs who get hot in warmer climates or seasons.

No matter the time of year, if your dog is looking for cool spots to lie, such as tile, stone, or wood, then pet cooler beds will be an extremely attractive place for your pooch to sleep. Since dogs can’t sweat like us -depending almost wholly on panting – they can use all the help they can get. Unfortunately, those "choice" surfaces don’t stay cool very long, warming up with the dog’s body heat. Moreover, they’re extremely hard on the bones, joints, and back of your dog.

For these dogs, a pet cooler bed can be a dream come true. It is a lasting cooling experience, with enough padding and support to keep your pooch’s bones and joints healthy too.

Except for the comfort and padding, pet cooler beds feel as cool and soothing as that special place on the tile floor. They absorb body heat from your dog as s/he lies there, and displaces this heat into the surrounding air. This way, your pet can pleasure in a wonderfully lasting, dry, and comforting cooling sensation.

To give your dog the coolest experience, even on a pet cooler bed, there are a few things that you can do. For one thing, keep the pet cooler bed out of direct sunlight. The less heat it needs to dissipate, the better it will cool your pooch. Moreover, placing it on a cold floor, or in front of a fan will also allow it to better draw heat from your pet, and displace it into the surrounding air. The better it is able to cool itself, the better it can cool your dog.

Of course, you want it to be comfortable, too, not just cool. Make sure that the pet cooler bed has a good filler to pad and support your dog’s joints and bones.

Also, you’ll want to be certain that the pet cooler bed you choose is easy to clean. Make certain that it has a removable cover that is machine washable, and preferably machine dryable too. This will make all the difference in ease of use.

Cooling your dog is important to his or her comfort and health if s/he is frequently hot. Getting him or her a pet cooler bed can be the nicest gift you’ve ever brought home.


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