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Pet fences : A word of warning

Pet Fences – a word of warning

If you decide to get a fencing system keep this in mind : A fencing system is cannot, and cannot be a substitute for human supervision. Don’t think that just because your dog responds well to the fencing system and seem to learn his boundaries quickly that a fencing system is a 100 percent foolproof thing.

A fencing system is at best an educational tool. It is meant to teach your dog where he supposed to go and where is not supposed to go. One of the reasons why an electronic fence is so effective is the fact that it is in sync with canine psychology. It delivers correction immediately. Dogs respond to immediate correction because they are very immediate creatures. If a dog is corrected hours or even minutes after a certain behaviour has occured and you correct him he does not understand why, all he can tell is the fact that his owner is mad but does not associate the correction with the bad behaviour. So, many dog owners are very pleasantly surprised that an electronic fencing systems is so effetive – BUT as I said before it is never a foolproof thing. Other animals and people can still enter the yard. Something that is so interesting to your dog, that he is willing to compromise and overlook the electronic stimulus, can still take place in his vicinity. Electronic training can be very effective training aids, but never rely on it.

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