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Are electronic pet fences safe?

Are electronic pet fences safe?

The electronic stimulus of an electronic pet fence is not harmful, neither is it painful. The stimulation can be set at levels that are barely perceptible. Chances are that your dog will respond even to the very low levels of stimulation. Although the higher levels of stimulation are not harmful in any way, there’s still the hypothetical potential for misuse if the person training your dog is neither responsible or ethical. Therefore, if you choose to make use of a "professional" trainer, make sure that it is someone that you know you can trust. Do whatever is possible, get references from other.

Although the stimulation is harmless, it is unpleasant. This causes your dog to refrain from moving past the boundary (should the audible warning tone not be sufficient the first few times around) The fact that the electronic stimulation from the electronic pet fence comes immediately after the audible warning tone your dog will quickly associate the tone with the unpleasant stimulation. This means that your dog will soon learn that he should not venture past the point of the warning tone. This further minimizes activation of the electric stimulus.

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