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Pet Friendly Travel

Pet Friendly Travel and Traveling With Your Pet

Are you planning the ultimate getaway? Just you, the open road and your pet? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But, before you starting stocking up on snacks and summer clothes, you had better think of how well your pet is going to adapt to travel. Ask yourself three simple questions:

  • Will your pet be welcomed at your destination?
  • Does your pet actually travel well?
  • Is your pet in good health?

With these questions answered, you can decide whether travel is the best option. If it is not, then you should consider a kennel or pet-sitter instead. Do not force your pet to come with you simply because you want the companionship; put his interests first. If travel is possible, however, you must begin preparing your dog well before the intended trip.

Begin by taking your dog for short car trips; accustom him to the idea of riding. With each trip, drive for longer periods of time. This way, by the time your actual trip arrives, your dog will be prepared. It is also recommended that, during these trips, you restrain your dog the same way he would be during your vacation. Whether you intend to keep him in a carrier or a dog seatbelt, you should let him get used to his confinements. This will also allow you to see if he can even take any of these restraints so, in case he cannot, you can try different tactics.

Also, take into consideration any potential health problems that may occur; be sure to have your pet vaccinated and have all of his shots are up-to-date.

When packing for your pet, you must be sure to bring all health and rabies certificates. These are required if you cross international borders and may be needed if you are flying. And, while you are packing, also be sure to bring your pet’s necessities. This includes: water and food bowls, grooming equipment, any medicine, favorite toy, etc. If your pet is on a strict diet, it would be wise to bring a supply of food–this will keep them from experiencing any digestive complications on the road.

Plan for everything. While having your pet with you can be a wonderful thing, it can also be hazardous. You must beware of the potential dangers– and losing your pet is one of them. Take care to have all identifications possible (tags, papers, etc). Be sure that these identifications include your name, address and phone number.

When the day of your trip arrives, be sure not to let your dog eat three hours before leaving; also give him a long walk just before you begin. This will help him be comfortable if he is forced to be confined for long periods of time. During the trip, provide your dog with lots of fresh water and stop often to give him exercise. Snacks can also be used as a treat.

These tips will help you and your pet have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable pet friendly travel experience.

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