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How to stop excessive dog barking

Let Barking Dogs lie

We are all aware that barking is a natural behaviour in dogs. Barking is a dog’s natural way of communication. A dog will bark for different reasons and by understanding why your dog barks you can reduce excessive barking substantially.

og barking causes:

  • He needs exercise
  • You are away
  • He is bored
  • He wants attention
  • He needs to relieve himself
  • He has been confined for too long

Obviously by addressing these issues is relatively simlpe. By giving your pet plenty of toys he will be less bored. Give him plenty of exercise and let him out frequently. Don’t confine him for too long and don’t let him be home alone for too long either..

That said, your dog may still bark excessively and you need to take further steps

How to stop excessive dog barking

People address the problem of excessive dog barking in different ways. Here are some popular methods:

  • Employ a professional trainer
    Before you hire a trainer you should make sure that it is someone that you can trust
    coming soon : How to evaluate a professional trainer.
  • Get an anit-bark collar
    There are basically two types of anti-bark collars : Electronic bark collars and spray bark collars.
    coming soon : more about anti-bark collars
  • Get a book on dog training
    There are many books that teach basic obedience and how to stop excessive barking.
    coming soon : dog training book recommendations
  • Dog debarking surgery
    Debarking surgery removes the tissue on each side of the larynx that is required for the dog to bark. Personally I don’t care for this method – taking away your dog’s voice is unneccesary intervention in my book.

More on dog barking

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