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Tack Trunks

Tack Trunks keep Horse Accessories well Preserved and Ready to Travel

Tack trunks are the ideal place to store your horse tack, because they provide a clean storage space that is designed to keep your tack safe from the elements, so that it can last longer. If you have leather horse tack and don’t store it in a dry, cool area, and instead leave it open in the barn, damp weather can break down the leather by causing it to become moldy, leading to rot. Furthermore, temperatures that are too warm can cause the leather to become excessively dry and crack. That’s why when you choose to use tack trunks, you will not only be providing organization to your barn, but also preserving your equipment.

In addition you will discover that just as tack trunk are perfect for storing tack, they are also a great place for the other accessories you use to groom and care for your horse. Trunks come in different sizes, and some include grooming totes which you can take with you when traveling to the vet or a show, allowing you to conveniently take all of the essential gear you need for your trip.

For instance, should you be attending a show, purchasing a tack trunk with a separate compartment where you can store grooming supplies and equipment like brushes, combs, hoof pick, sponge, sweat scraper and more is a good idea. Tack trunks can also hold your horse’s wardrobe, including his legwraps and maybe even a sheet or cooler depending on how large the tack trunk is you purchase.

Based on where you travel, and the number of items you intend to bring with you, will determine the size of the tack trunk you’ll require. Most trunks are longer and wider than they are high, which makes them more compact and handy for your use. What’s more, they come in different designs to accommodate all interests. For the owner who likes to keep it simple, basic colors are easy enough to obtain, and for the owner who enjoys character and style, special tack trunks can be personalized to match the barn and even include engravings of the horse’s initials.

Aside from choosing the look of tack trunks, something else you will want to keep in mind when shopping is the special features each trunk has to offer. While not every feature will appeal to you, the following are some for you to keep in mind when browsing:
Wheels – You will discover that while most trunks have wheels, the best wheels are those that are built in. These wheels allow you to maneuver the trunk without having to worry about getting the wheels caught in doors and other objects in its path.

Lids – Some tack trunks come equipped with well padded lids that are designed for sitting. After a long day of showing, this may prove to be a handy feature. Another popular type of lid is those made for standing on. Usually these lids have a treaded rubber cover, and are ideal for any owner who needs extra height to properly groom or braid a tall horse.

Grooming Tote – tack trunks that are equipped with this extra feature are a good idea for any owner with a show horse. It makes traveling more compact and easier.

Other features of tack trunks include:

  • Mirror
  • Moveable divider
  • Note board
  • Bandage net

Finally, when you shop for tack trunks take the time to carefully look over each design you come across and learn all of their details and features. Talk to professionals or other owners to see what tack trunks they find work best for them. Nevertheless, in the end, you will want to purchase a trunk you can handle with ease, will be able to store the necessary equipment, and is made with quality. Basically, your goal is to procure a tack trunk that suits your personal taste and will last as long as your tack.

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